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  1. could it have been stacking discharge? might sound silly but it's a very *rare* possibility. I've had a deskotp PC that rolled over and died when I was swapping DVI cables a small spark flew and hit the rim of the DVI connector. The PC was fine but the card was dead beef.
  2. wow! I wish something like this would exist for P170EM laptops.I'd like to push my GFX a little further but am too chicken to do it without proper cooling.
  3. wow that's a beastly fast lappy you got there Clevorr, I'm drooling all over. This might be the reason for me to buy another laptop. That would be more than adequate for the video editing jobs I have stacking up.
  4. This is a very good app, I can't wait to test it out, especially that new heartbeat profile for CPU usage
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