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  1. When I started using the 320.00 beta driver released on the 23 april I noticed some really great performance improvements in my games, particularly in War of the Roses which had previously given me really bad lag.
  2. Does anyone know if the load order for mods is stored in a file or something so that it would be possible to easily transfer the same load order to a different computer/installation of skyrim? I've had to reinstall skyrim a couple of times and it's a pain to have to manually change the load order for 70+ mods.
  3. Is it suggested that you uninstall/don't reinstall the intel rapid storage technology driver after changing from a hard drive to an ssd? Would leaving it on your system cause problems? Why should you remove it?
  4. After I installed my ssd I noticed a massive improvement in War of the Roses. It's now running smooth on high settings (30+fps). When I reinstalled windows after changing to the ssd I did get a newer driver for the graphics card than the one I was previously using, so that might also be linked to the better performance. But then the driver I had been using certainly wasn't old...
  5. Has anyone got War of the Roses running really well on their r1? It lags quite a bit for me, especially on certain maps. There doesn't seem to be much difference between high and low settings.
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