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  1. You can't reach the power target of svl7's bios with 1.21 volts, which is max without any voltmods. As i said before his gpu-z shows the real clock for his base clock. He is using the engineering bios with gpu boost 2.0 which means that the actual clock of the gpu is much higher than the baseclock shown in gpu-z. You are using svl7 bios without gpu boost, you get the clock that you set. There is nothing wrong with your card, just clock it higher. You need a higher offset with svl7 bios because it doesn't use gpu boost.
  2. He is using a bios with gpu boost, so his max clock is way higher than yours. His Titan clocked at 1320/1750 mhz.
  3. That shouldn't be a problem since my friend uses a software fan profile. Gonna test it tomorrow.
  4. Are you going to release a new GTX 780 Bios that has the same functionality as the latest OC edition for the titan? (v3).
  5. Testing now - Thanks a lot! Just finished some testing with a few Applications. Works great as always - perfect bios !
  6. I tested your new version of the UV Bios today. Flashed it several times, reinstalled drivers, tried differnt drivers, etc. Card keeps at lowest P-State no matter what application i'm running. Can't change voltage either.
  7. All testing was done with reference cooling.
  8. The Cards throttled in almost every demanding game (Metro Last Light, Crysis 3, Far Cry 3). Other bios mods got rid of throttling pre WHQL 320.18, too. But only svl7s bios mods work with the changed power containment in WHQL 320.18. We tested 4 780's and 1 Titan on 2 different systems. Use svl7s bios if you don't want your card to throttle. We were able to push our best 780 to 1254mhz/3800mhz up from 1202mhz/3200mhz.
  9. Tested some 780s with your bios today. Works absolutely fine and it prevents any throttling in every game/application we tested. Other bios mods throttled and displayed wrong power target values with the new 320.18 WHQL just like my Titan. Great job!
  10. Nope, keeping it! But a friend got 2 780s. Uhm, can't find nvflash 5.136, just 5.134. Where did you get it?
  11. Okay, testing it soon Thanks for your support!
  12. How did you flash your GTX 780? Which version of nvflash did you use?
  13. Thanks for the update! Are you going to update the UV edition too?
  14. Nvidia! I can't live withouth Nvidia Inspector and AA, AO or SLI Bits.
  15. Logitech G500 - switching between 1000 and 2000 dpi, depending on the game. Mostly 1000 dpi though.
  16. I doubt we'll see a dual GK110 board in the near future. Would be a Beast though.
  17. I hope they use a newer version of Physx for the game. Older versions like the ones used in Borderlands 2 or Batman Arkham City affect the frame rate way too much.
  18. Game should really be a bit harder (except for the 1999 mode). But the story, especially the ending was really really good.
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