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  1. The overall look/build quality if just fantastic, not to mention the incredible specifications. Need I mention the customizable keyboard lights?
  2. Hello, Im new here. How to I manually allow only the 7970m to be used and NOT the intel graphics 4000? Even when pressing fn+f7 it disables everything, and no graphics card is on. Am I suppose to update to the latest 13.3? Can someone help me? Even battlefield 3 is messing up cause of this.. Thanks,
  3. Mine was ordered april 16th, came in on the 23rd. Was quite impressed to be honest. It's working great, loving my 7970m!
  4. I've been having this same problem. 7970m works fine with the integrated graphics enabled, as soon as its disabled or removed, the 7970m doesnt work. You'll have to unlock your bios, and disable the integrated GFX card.
  5. Between 8 and 12GB is good, unless you're doing top notch usage, you'd want to consider getting a 16GB.
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