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  1. Yes i have. I've downloaded from apple store.
  2. I've been trying to install hackintosh on my Y400 laptop all this time. I can't even get to the welcome page of the installer disc (distros or retail). And i can't use the usb stick installer method because it can't be detected on boot. I've been googling all over the net but i can't find a single post that indicating succesful install any of osx to Ideapad Y400 laptop. Is there any of you guys can help me with something? Tutorial or links maybe? Thx.
  3. wow this is amazing tutorial. apologize if i'm in the wrong forum, but i have a questions : is there any tutorial for installing hackintosh for ideapad y400 somewhere? cause i've been desperate to installed it for about 1 year now. thx.
  4. Manic Street Preachers and The Cure. Brit-music rules!
  5. Defenitely Ideapad Y400 for the 14" LED, or Y500 for bigger one (15").
  6. Same problems with @defcoms. Any suggestions or feedbacks pls?
  7. Hi, i'm newbie here. i just bought the y400 notebook, i format the whole hdd and make it to 2 partitions. I've erased the windows 8 reserved partition, and installed windows 8 myself on the 1st partition. Is it ok to flash the BIOS now? Will it affect the windows 8 that i've installed by myself? Thank you.
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