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  1. Many people have complained about a lack of screen options, but less than twenty have voted. Now I understand why Alienware hasn't added them. At least the current options are decent.
  2. Well, Dell got part of it right, but I don't know if the current screen setup is better than the previous ones... If the matte screens on the 14 and 17 are grainy or low-quality, many people will rant about glossy not being an option. I think Alienware is sensible enough not to pass on IPS for the 17 only to put a mediocre TN screen in it.
  3. I think that Alienware is savvy enough to cut the costs that will irk people the least. Locking down its systems might be the fastest way to lose all of its sales.
  4. The idea is now "under review." Keep voting and we might see a difference in a year or four.
  5. I have written that IPS might be "excessive," but Clevo, ASUS, and MSI offer 95% gamut TN anti-glare screens. If Alienware does not want to offer anti-glare screens, less reflective LCDs with slightly higher gamuts would be appreciated. Again, we pay top dollar for these laptops, and Alienware does not offer a different OS or another significant advantage in any area over its competitors, so why not a choice of screen?
  6. I'm certainly aware that not all IPS or high-gamut displays are good; I'm taking for granted that Dell will put decent ones in Alienwares (e.g. the one available in Precisions) if it implements my idea, which may not be a good assumption. In truth, I would be satisfied if Alienware used a much less reflective panel. IPS might be "overkill" for gaming and cut slightly into Dell's business sales--in truth, I used the term to attract attention--but I cannot think of a good reason why Alienware cannot offer better TN panels with non-reflective glass given its prices.
  7. The gaming laptops of Clevo, MSI, and ASUS are not in a different class than Alienwares.
  8. "It would be nice if Alienware offered higher-gamut or IPS matte screens. Many potential customers require the GPU power of an Alienware and use their laptops outside or for professional work. Alienware's competitors offer high-quality matte screens, and such screens are already available for Dell's XPS and Precision models. Good anti-glare screens would remove the need for customers to create costly, risky modifications to replace the glossy LCD or remove the plexiglass above. Even if Alienware offered matte screens as optional upgrades to the glossy panels now available, the option would provide much additional value for Alienware laptops." I do hope that Alienware considers adding these screens to its upcoming generations of laptops. Vote here: Idea Storm Note: I use the word "or" in the logical sense, which does not preclude "higher-gamut" and "IPS.
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