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  1. Hi, Thanks for the updated vbios! Unfortunately, on my system, the 750M appears not to be unlocked (still the +135 MHz GPU speed limit applies). The flashing went fine (I ignored the message about wrong PCI subsystem, and flashed with nvflash -i1 -r, followed by nvflash -i1 -6 newrom.rom). Could you have a look at that please? Thanks and greetings, Auke Nauta
  2. Sorry, did not see that... Great news indeed!
  3. Dear svl7, What if we extract the 'nVidia updated' VBIOS from the Y5x0 main bios and flash it to the ultrabay GPU? Could this work? Greetings, Auke Nauta
  4. Hi svl7, The size of the ROM image is perfectly fine (95744 bytes), see the output of the command below: >nvflash -i1 --pciblocks NVIDIA Firmware Update Utility (Version 5.142) Adapter: GeForce GT 750M (10DE,0FE4,17AA,3802) H:--:NRM B:02,PCI,D:00,F:00 The display may go *BLANK* on and off for up to 10 seconds during access to the EEPROM depending on your display adapter and output device. Identifying EEPROM... EEPROM ID (C2,2012) : MX MX25L2005 2.7-3.6V 2048Kx1S, page Reading adapter firmware image... Location Size Type 000000:0175FF 95744 x86 Still, nvflash won't flash it... The previous ROM is of the exact same size, yet it flashes fine. Strange! Greetings, Auke
  5. Hi, No, you don'y need to go back to stock v2.02. When you changed over to the modded v2.02, you created a backup of your stock v2.02. This file can be used to create you personal v2.04 modded BIOS. This worked fine for me. Greetings, Auke
  6. Hi, Already tried that. The results is always the same I'm afraid...
  7. Hm. Like vito357si, I also get this error while trying to flash the ultrabay GT750M card: ERROR: PCI Block corrupted - size mismatch Have tried with both the latest versions of nvflash for DOS and Windows (v5.136 and v5.142 respectively). The previous FW ( - OC) flashes without problems, the new one does not Greetings, Auke
  8. You mean to flash the ultrabay card?
  9. Hi, My update went fine too (just flashed the latest, corrected v2.04 modded BIOS). However, similar to another user a few pages back, I cannot flash version 80.07.9D.00.11 on my ultrabay GT750M card, using the latest nvflash utilities (either DOS or Windows). It keeps saying 'ERROR: PCI Block corrupted - size mismatch' The previous version flashes just fine. Seems quite weird to me, but not really a problem as the ultrabay card is functioning fine as it is (MODIFIED). Greetings, Auke
  10. Just performed the upgrade. I used my original v2.02 (stock) backup file for your BiosFixer_2.0.exe utility. It created the v204mod.bin file just fine. Flashing from DOS worked fine too The only thing which is a bit strange is that in the BIOS setup, it still says v2.02. Is that as intended? Thanks and greetings, Auke
  11. Hi, Do I need to go to stock v2.02 BIOS first, or can I go from modded v2.02 to modded v2.04? Greetings, Auke Nauta
  12. Hi, Just for fun I overclocked both my GT750M cards, clock +150 MHz, and memory +350 MHz. (nVidia 320.20 beta driver) The 3DMARK 11 score was ......... 5008 See NVIDIA GeForce GT 750M video card benchmark result - Intel Core i7-3630QM Processor,LENOVO INVALID score: P5008 3DMarks
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