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  1. Nice Malibal... they are sleek!

  2. I will probably do that tomorrow once I have my pc back to normal.
  3. Haha well that's what I tried to do but i the partition was taking WAYYYYYYY to long. I stopped it after a day and a half and decided to wing it after seeing success from m11x r3 users who even had graphics switching working. My graphics card didn't even show up so I don't know. I am going to stay away from windows 8 anyway. I hate the new metro ui with a passion. Not user friendly at alll
  4. Driver support sucks. My graphics aren't working, wifi isn't working. I did the upgrade option. I regret installing this. I am going to have to do a clean wipe to get rid of it. Goodbye files.
  5. Just curious, does anyone have windows 8 running on their m14x yet? I have it running on my clevo and so far it is great. Very quick and snappy.
  6. If you are looking to game, go with the np8130 the 555m will be crippled at 1080p.
  7. You should be okay. From what I understand the 555m is equivalent to a 8800gt so you should be able to run it med to high settings at 720p.
  8. I figured it out! I patched it and ran it as administrator thanks for the replies!
  9. That is why I always make sure I get an intel CPU. Amd just doesn't feel like it has the same quality. Just my opinion though.
  10. that didnt work actually thanks anyway.
  11. can someone give me a screenshot of throttlestopper with the settings that will stop throttling on gta 4? I just got this game and would love to play it at a frame rate higher then 4. I understand that this game is coded horribly. So any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
  12. This is more ir less why I didn't go with alienware. None existent quality assurance.
  13. I though VGA was limited to 800x600. I could be wrong though.
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