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    No. You need two same GPUs. You have to connect eGPU to you monitor/TV. This way games use eGPU. If you just add eGPU to system - games will run on dGPU and picture will be on laptop display. I used fake HDMI adapter (so, system think it is real display) switch main display to fake and move game window on it. BUT, signal go on dGPU anyway (performance drop). I didn’t want to also buy new monitor.
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    You need UEFi switched on and disable Load Legacy option ROM. You will have to reinstall Windows when switching from Legacy to UEFI and you will have to change your drive partition type from MBR to GPT as Legacy uses MBR and UEFI uses GPT.
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    Hi. If you extract the SETUP with UEFITOOL and open with HxD Editor you will notice that the CHIPSET menu was deleted and replaced with 000000000000000000000000000000. If you send me your dump bios, I can do it for you
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