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    The new leak of NVFlash version 5.513.0 with their new RTX GPU (Turing) support is now available in our download section. This includes support for NVIDIA's new RTX 2080 Ti, 2080 and 2070 desktop GPUs. As always, use caution when reading/writing vbios files as you can potentially brick your card and void your warranty.
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    Great! I can create the guide for y510p. I might copy your guide and modify it just because I'm a bit lazy lol.
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    I created topic on eGPU forum in Build Guides part of it. There is some benchmarks and tests, but more interesting is - Y500 with adapter now at 5th place. Here is table Maybe someone with Y510p create there topic too? Just for history. P.S. Yeah, and links gone again... let's try old way. Forum topic: https://e g p u . i o/forums/builds/2012-15-6-lenovo-y500-evga-gtx-1080-ti-sc2ultrabay-adapter-win10/ Table: https://e g p u . i o/build-guides/#perf
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