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    Considering the 870dm-g has the same z170 chipset as the P750DM-G, and knowing it is definitely possible to run the 7700k with the right BIOS, I'm a little surprised it hasn't been done yet. This generation of Clevos got the shaft in a big way and it's irritating. At the same time, the 7700k isn't that much faster than the 6700k, however, I have found better deals on the 7700k. If someone can find the time to cook up a stable BIOS, I'm sure there will be plenty of followers who will support his or her endeavors with a donation, as I know I will.
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    as far as i know USB 2.0 can get u a max of 2.5 watt (5V, 0.5 Ampere) and USB 3.0 will deliver u a max of 4.5 watt! (5V 0.9A). you shouldnt go over those limits. i also have a cooler master but the fans there suck ass. only thing i noticed is that they blow more dust into the laptop.. you can try out IC Diamond thermal compound. only thing i can say it.. it is REALLY REALLY GOOD! in idle my GPUs are running about 50°C and the max temperature i had was about 82°C (alienware m18x r2; 980m SLI)
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    Hi, So I was reading the Embedded Controller for changes when the fan was full speed using your utility. As you can see it full speed the dword = 002F0000 and idle = 00130000 or less.How do you modify the DWORD as I change it but it does not save.
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