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    Nope. Next time...during the flashing process, try staying in front of your laptop...
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    I didn't see any confirmation.. It flashed and terminated itself by the time I got back.. I enabled driver, rebooted and vbios seems to have flashed properly.. Its changed in GPU-Z and sliders are unlocked.. Sent from my LG-H811 using Tapatalk
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    I feel it's extremely hard to solder PCIe wires, although I had a lot of soldering experiences. The mean problem is that, the PCIe rx/tx channels are working at very high frequency, and there're a pair of wire for each channel (differential pair), you have to make the length of two wires in one pair exactly the same, and put them as closer as possible. I have tried a 50cm FFC cable for PCIe signals and it not stable, but 20cm FFC seems fine. (I think because the ffc cable doesn't have a shield like HDMI or SATA cables) Another thing that may be helpful is that, the length of two channels don't have to match, the PCIe controller is able to handle this.
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    Yup it worked.. Thanks.. Wipes sweat off head.. Now let's see how well this 970M works! Sent from my LG-H811 using Tapatalk
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    I've had my Akitio+Zotac 970+Dell DA-2 crash a handful of times while gaming as well. Same situation where the sound starts stuttering and screen goes black. I forget if I have to do something, but usually I'll have a Windows pop-up stating the game has crashed. Note, I've mostly only being playing Batman Arkham Knight, which is not ported well as we all know, so not sure if its the game or the setup. Usually only happens after an hour or two of gaming. Others have mentioned that the board inside the Akitio can get super hot. Could be the board is overheating while the GPU might be only around 65c.
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    I'm using Windows 10 and it works. I can't remember which driver I have installed, but I'm pretty sure it was the windows update ones.
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    Version 0.9.4 is ready. This is so far the biggest update and the script has grown to almost 1000 lines. - Native AMD support, masks for any card if codename is found - Possible to use Nvidia official driver for Kepler cards [-skipdriver] - Detects Thunderbolt connection - Detects GPU name by scraping device id from The PCI ID Repository - Hot-plugging required - Automatic backups with rsync - Uninstalling with [-uninstall] parameter - In theory this should work on OS X El Capitan 10.11 if SIP disabled (official web driver can’t be downloaded automatically yet). And last but not least… OpenCL benchmarking (clpeak). The script will install everything automatically. Show your numbers with -clpeak parameter. 1) It’s compulsory to make a fresh Yosemite 10.10.4 install and preferably Time Machine backup before you try. This is because the script needs original kext files. Note that reinstalling preserves your user account files, but erase+install doesn’t. 2) Boot into OS X without Thunderbolt cable 3) Hot-plug and run the script as before without parameter. If you have a Kepler card, you can use [-skipdriver] parameter. 4) The script will detect your eGPU (AMD or Nvidia). 5) Restart and enjoy. Uninstalling is possible, switch to a different eGPU and reinstall at any time.
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    Warning AW owners... Windows 10 Upgrade Warning for Alienware Owners | NotebookReview @All, Windows 10 & v353.62 has blown out four Samsung display panels -> AW18, M18xR2, AW17 <- Please uninstall current driver (DDU/Clean & Shutdown) and install v352.84 from here http://forum.techinferno.com/nvidia/6307-%5Balienware%5D-aftermarket-upgrades-driver-support-modded-inf-31.html#post136061 Win7/8.1 users please install previous version 353.49 as a precaution, from here http://forum.techinferno.com/nvidia/6307-%5Balienware%5D-aftermarket-upgrades-driver-support-modded-inf-45.html#post138999 Samsung LCD displays: Alienware 18 R1 , M18xR1, M18xR2, Alienware 17 R1 60Hz & 120Hz (Samsung & AUO), M17xR4 120Hz... Please post your concerns here Windows 10 + Official 353.62 Drivers Has Killed Three Samsung LCD Displays
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    I did the upgrade today.. Its a simple tiny modification to the heatsink needed. See my post here. The Official MSI GT60/70 970m/980m Upgrade Thread I have provided pictures and links on how to complete the upgrade.
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    Make sure the vents can suck up air (don't rest the laptop on sheets / your lap). Clean the fans and heatsink fins and keep them clean​. Get a laptop cooler. Repaste the CPU and GPU(s). Undervolt.
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