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    @weecooper: Since nobody answered to my post #881 i´ve do it by t&e. What should is say, one step will work, the GTX660Ti is accesible. @All: There is also an other solution to get power into the enclosure if some tools (aka. soldering Iron, mini drilling machine) your friends, and you are willing to invest some work, . Here´s a little workaround In short: desoldered the barrel jack from the PCB make some solder points on the PCB desoldered the power connector form a Dell Optiplex GX620 solder the new power connector to the PCB solder two wires for to power the PCIe plugs of the GTX Plug in the jack from a Dell DA-2, power up the system, lean back and enjoy OMG, your warranty void if you do so , sh** happens, but it works quite fine for me little Impression: Once all my works finished i´ll illustrate and describe more detailed what i've done. Greetings
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    So here is the picture of my cables, still works like a charm, can't await my GTX 970 *sobbing*
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    So, I am sitting on my Mini and typing via a AMD7970. Good news - We have enabled boot screens and multi display from the 7970 in OS X on the Mini and nMP. Bad News - Windows is proving difficult on both, at least for now Worse news - Not only does the EFI need to be made specifically for each particular card, there then need to be several system driver mods to make this work smoothly with many displays Worse still news - the system driver mods are also specific to the machine, we currently see no way to have a "do this mod and it will work" as the original mods required - did I mention that these will need to be updated for each OS update? It's a mess guys, Apple has found ways to bugger up eGPU on TB2 machines. I can't PROVE that it is on purpose, but that would be my opinion We will eventually be able to offer specially modded cards that should enable boot screens and enable some of this stuff. But each card and machine combo is going to require specific kexts being modded that will enable that card on that machine. And these mods will likely need to be updated for each update of OS. It is going to be difficult. Apple has one way or the other effectively put up some serious roadblocks. Windows is still a problem for nMP and the Mini using AMD 7970. I have run into Sedor on MR and asked him to see if his nMP gives similar trouble in Windows. Maybe I'm just "doing it wrong" So, sorry to be bearer of bad news but the ever thinning success rate of newer Macs and eGPU isn't imaginary. It has gotten much harder, both on machine and driver level.
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    Hi, After many failures here is my little contribution to this forum. This guide will be updated if I find anything new. Any question, just ask. Hardware: Macbook Pro Retina Mid 2012 (thunderbolt 1) EVGA GTX 970 Akitio box MODED AKITIO BOARD for power soldered on PCB MODED AKITIO BOARD with additional capacitors DELL DA2 PSU + MODED PCIE CABLES BenQ Monitor on HDMI Softwares: OSX 10.11.2 Windows 10 pro (Bootcamp BIOS) WebDriver: latest Cuda Drivers: latest OSX INSTALLATION: There is a script that automates the whole thing that can be found here , it worked wonderfully on my vanilla 10.11, easy as cake !! Thanks a milion @goalque For manual installation follow the video below to the letter: Stability Comments: OS X Stable Windows stable Restarting is quick (apple logo straight away) but starting the computer after a power OFF takes a good 30 sec more to get to the apple logo. Issue with safari not wanting to play netflix somehow; issue with HDCP handshake somehow, works fine with chrome. Installing Windows 10 (BIOS) (I hate windows :s ) I installed windows 10 via bootcamp, purchased EGPU setup and used the 1.2 version. I don't remember exactly how the EGPU appeared in the system infos but I think it was recognised as Nvidia gtx 970 straight away. so after you have installed the latest Nvidia drivers for your eGpu it is time to get the eGpu software running: Unzip EGPUsetup 1.2 to c:\eGpu run setup-disk-image Restart and load eGpu Setup 1.2, select option 2 Do PCI compaction all exept sata and make sure you have PCI WRITE and ALL ALLOC showing yes Optional: If freeze at the bootloader: edit PCI.BAT replacing a:x.x and b:x.x with 0a:x.x and 0b:x.x (I only found A occurences in mine) (in the editor alt/option+F to access the file menu) Optional: If the settings are not kept after reboot: edit Startup.bat by adding REM in front of all "call vidinit" like so: REM call vidinit... (in the editor alt/option+F to access the file menu) Run test startup.bat Run bootloader Select eGpu setup 1.2 again and now select option 1 If everything goes well you just have to do the last step every time you want to boot into windows with the eGpu Maybe there is a way to automate the last step but yet to find out. Easy enough for now Big thanks to @Tech Inferno Fan This setup is similar to those of bsohn and errin PHOTOS:
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    NotebookAcer Aspire V3-771G-9441 Intel Core i7 3630QM (2.40GHz) 8GB Memory NVIDIA GeForce GT 730MOS: Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 64BITBIOS: BIOS_Acer_1.15_A_AMonitor: Asus LED VS247HR 23.6'' wide, Full HD, 2ms, DVI, HDMI, blackSYSTEM HDD: Kingston Digital HyperX FURY 120GB SSD SATA 3 2.5 Solid State DriveeGPU partsvideo card: GAINWARD GeForce GTX 980 Ti Reference Cooler Modelvideo card: ZOTAC GeForce GTX 970 AMP! Omega Editionadapter: EXP GDC Beast v6.1 mPCI-E versionPSU: 750W ATX Corsair CX750MHow it looks (in spoiler) Getting it all goingEverything is plug and play - I did not have to install anything third party or configure anything, steps I did: connect eGPU and start the system install desktop version of GeForce 900 series driver (which uninstalled dGPU driver) restarted Windows, but with BSOD, so I removed eGPU, started up again and disable dGPU, shut down and then connected eGPU and started Windows with no BSOD connected monitor to eGPU when I am using eGPU in Windows display settings I disable laptops internal display and enable only external monitor (my laptop display is turned off) I had used my first Beast for couple of days and then I broke it by connecting wrong 4-PIN power cable from ATX PSU - be very careful when you first connect it, then bought a replacement and have been using it heavily for 3 month now with no Gen2 glitches.Note for best performance: I am no guru and by mistake had set global Nvidia settings to respect quality instead of performance and was still getting 30+ FPS in new games maxed out (all GTX 970 benchmarks below are with "prefer quality" setting on), but when I set it to respect performance I was blown away, game like Shadow of Mordor ran 30-40 FPS before and 60+ FPS after maxed out and the visuals are the same, at least no difference what eye can tell.Benchmark resultsI have ran 3dMark tests, here are the results (want to mention that GPU was at 100% usage at times, so this means mPCI-E did not bottleneck the eGPU):GTX 980TI:3dmark06=139193dmark11.GPU=177283dmark13-FS.GPU=15321GTX 970:3dmark06=128773dmark11.GPU=122073dmark13-FS.GPU=9815Final commentsSetup with GTX 970 runs latest games 30-60 FPS on maximum settings. Totally recommended if you already own this laptop or GPU - just use eGPU of your choice.I then upgraded to GTX 980 TI (Gainward reference version, mainly because of 6GB of VRAM), I was not expecting this (because I thought limited PCI-E bandwidth will have more impact on performance), but it is performing significantly better than GTX 970.Tested Witcher 3 and Dragon Age Inquisition so far, both games run 10-20 FPS better depending on an area.I was able to overclock the card to +200 core clock and +450 memory clock - running stable around 70C-80C. Did not change any voltage parameters.I can say that this setup is not running as good as decent desktop PC with same card, but it runs great.GTX 970 games performance: I tested all of following games with latest available patch/update/version for each of them.
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    I am sorry if I got the quotes mixed up. Not sure who said "only 2 Nvidia cards" but whoever it was was wrong. My screenshot put an end to the discussion. The Mac side of eGPU has lost almost all momentum. While you weren't looking Apple moved the game from Little League to Semi Pro. If I was doing this as a hobby and firing it up on weekends I wouldn't get much figured out. Apple has written you out of the drivers for a large extent, especially on Nvidia cards. (The ones people care about) Have a look at the working guides, on new Apple gear they are 90%+ Windows. The TB2 Macs that do work in OSX (MBP with 750) are hit and miss, usually miss. Maybe the 2015 machines will suddenly get easier, I doubt it but maybe? I once made a post where I said that if we wanted progress against this trend then people testing and posting needed to adhere to more scientific testing, change 1 thing at a time, writing down every change and result, etc. I was soundly drubbed down, and clearly told that this is a hobbyist board and nobody was going to change from the "hunt & peck" testing method. Fine. I realize now that being a science nazi isn't going to work here. I was recently linked to a thread here where people were using refund in an EFI shell to poke values into pre-boot environment. They made progress. Nobody is doing that here anymore. Many guides here begin with "first get a powered riser". Nobody applied any critical thought, just kept pushing the riser dogma. Not needed and in most cases creates more problems then it solves. And yet.... Many guides include a complicated and frequently unneeded flat package editor procedure to get Nvidia drivers installed. Many guides include CUDA when almost nobody knows what it is or why they need it. If you aren't using Adobe Premiere or DaVinci Resolve you probably don't need it. If you don't need it, why install it? Nando4 has tried very hard to sort and organize. My thread about TB2 Macs is important. It is currently difficult for news coming here to know what is possible . Ideally there would be a chart with each Mac showing Mavericks, Yosemite, Win 7, and Win 8 (10 too I guess). In the boxes where these match up would be what works and what doesn't. Most TB2 Macs are GPGPU only for Nvidia in OSX and Display capable for AMD. In Windows the story is different, most TB2 Macs work rather well as EFI boot has fixed many of the Error 12 issues . (Think about that for a moment) Many TB2 Macs even have Optimus working in Windows, which would be very appealing to someone wishing to game in Windows on a MBP. Another piece of the puzzle that hasn't even begun to be addressed is 4K and 5K support. In OSX most Macs won't allow 4K 60 Hz on many displays though booting over to Windows they work just fine. Yet another hurdle that Apple has put up that we haven't even gotten to. A guy was kind enough to post a script to mod the kexts. This could be a huge breakthrough. I found at least one error, but we should be fixing and building on his code. Somebody could test and revise until it works. Someone else could put a simple GUI on it. Ideally with a "AMD" or "Nvidia" option so appropriate kexts get done. Then it would place correct boot args, update caches and reboot. Lots more newbs might give this a try if there was an easier way to do the mods. I think many screw up the kext mods which creates noise here. I am glad that some people work on this stuff for free. I'm going to find that Nvidia fix goalque posted and try it. I just think that you guys haven't realized that Apple has moved the game. They saw what was working here and made it stop. You need to follow the game, it has moved. Almost every day someone comes here and posts "will thus Mac work?" If they could find that info quickly and easily, along with links to software to do mods, more would get involved. I have contacts at a software company who has expressed interest in seeing their software run on an eGPU. I would live to convince them that there was a vibrant community out there ready to move ahead, but I don't believe it myself so no demo yet. I believe that when Mac Pro 7,1 launches with new GPUs that won't go in 6,1 the demand will go up. People sitting on $5-10K computers stuck with 2011 tech AMD cards will be eager to join the modern world rather then EBay their investment. They will have greater motivation then the guy with $500 Mini. Even if they drink the Kool Aid and EBay the 6,1 whoever buys the 6,1 will end up here. Overall I think there are good people here enjoying a fun hobby. But I also think that some critical thought needs to be applied to clear out a bunch of dead wood that has accumulated. The only way that happens is by examining past "knows". Risers. The "only 1 Nvidia on 2014 Mini" myth. Test & fix that mod software and get a GUI on it. "Your PC power supply won't do squat without a paperclip or SWEX" needs to be in big red letters someplace. The FAQ are good (and include that warning) but need to be updated, people see a "last post" date from long ago they assume "no longer relevant".
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    @seefew: Good job! Love the very minimalistic wiring. Keeps the inner case very clean. Inside mine it's kind of messy. The wire for the 2*6-Pin PCIe plugs are thick enough to carry 12V and 12-13amps?
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    New MSI MEDION Heat Sink nVidia GTX780 GTX770 E31-0406580-Y31 | eBay New MSI Heat Sink nVidia GTX780 GTX770 GT60 GT70 GTX 680 GTX 675mx GTX 670mx | eBay and so you must modify the Heatsink for the Maxwell Cards:
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    No, in the first page of this thread are placed vbios 860M for Dell card. But your laptop is MSI. I have done for you mod vbios for MSI 860M. Just flash it. MSI860M.zip
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