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  1. Holy crap it finally somehow worked!! I tried doing what you said - but to no avail at first. I have literally tried everything at this point (read through all your materials etc. and at one point it states that startup.bat can be edited to turn off igpu - you'd just have to deal with a black screen but it wouldn't work for me - I also couldn't ignore it nor turn it off in the hybrid gfx part - but then I kept fiddling with it and after the above, I turned off its port (again) and then hotloaded/init my eGPU and only then ran the above). I don't get why it couldn't just turn off in setup 1.30 like it said but I don't care at this point. Strangely enough - my iGPU still works.. in gray. And sucks - I hate windows 8.1 lol but still this is all I wanted. Now I just need to reinstall win7 again so I can load it with 8 gigs of ram when I'm not gaming (I ran your setup 1.3 originally from win7 on win8 drive.. was probably the cause of my issue with the ram). Anyway, let me go back to making win 8.1 somewhat bearable and maybe one day I will figure out how to do a clear dsdt on my windows (I plan to buy another caddy and maybe do a fresh install off that - I suspect the SSD in this setup has an issue). Anyhow - thanks mate - got it going! Sweet deal. I'll write up a guide later as promised because I think I've encountered every freaking problem out there lol. edit: Looks like it did turn off my wifi for some reason but.. minor details. So as per the guide I remember reading once I pop extra 4 gigs into this, I will have to redo this process? Well, might as well as do it now. edit2: well I've spoken too soon - got the latest drivers off intel's site for wifi, found the resource with the code error that the device was not connected - so something in setup 1.30 is preventing that from happening.. I would get a wifi usb stick but there's also audio issues and I think I'll just go back to 2 gigs and start looking around for 2570p =/ Great little laptop but it wasn't meant to be - either way I will do a write up of various things learned and such once I rest a bit
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