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    I am going to be shipping from the US however if you need it outside I can look at the potential ramifications of sending it individually as gifts (as I see that most companies do) which avoids the taxes of importing large quantities of stock. - - - Updated - - - Just two notes: 1: I attempted to add a not interested button (yet I have no idea as to how I would edit a poll). 2: I looked at what bizon did and I can understand the communities issue with this as he was basically selling the already existing product. However (although there is not much I can do to prove it), I infact created many of the advancements made on this forum related to TB in paralell (if not ahead in case of my osx software and windows compatibility software [without chainloading]). I understand this does not justify selling a product in your mind, however one of the huge problems I had with the community before I got here was the difficulty I had understanding existing advancements, which is essentially not needed if a simple installer exists. So in fact I would be selling more than just the products inside and my board, it would also be the understanding that it would work with little to no setup, which (from what I can understand) no product gives now.
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    UPDATE: ALL DOWNLOADS LISTED IN THIS POST FOUND HERE. Nvidia 'Kepler' GPUs - modified VBIOS files >>> NOTE: More versions (including voltage mods) exclusive for T|I users can be found in the second post. <<< The 'Kepler' GPUs from Nvidia perform really well, even at increased clocks speeds they stay quite cool - a perfect behavior when it comes to overclocking and improving the performance. Unfortunately the mobile GPUs suffer from an artificial +135MHz core overclocking limit, so you can't go higher by using tools like Nvidia Inspector and similar. The modified VBIOS files listed here have this limit unlocked, some have increased stock clocks or tweaked voltages. Just refer to the description. All files have been modified by myself, if you like them feel free to buy me a drink, donation link can be found below GTX 660m: 660m_OC_edition__VBIOS_[DELL].zip- comes with unlocked software overclocking limits 660m_GHz-Edition_overvolted_VBIOS_[DELL].zip - default 3d clock 1000MHz, base boost 1200MHz,, memory (3d) 1350MHz, increased 3d voltage undervolted editions possible, depends on interest, tba Some screenshots: GTX 680m: Clevo_680m_-_80.'OCedition'_revised_01.zip Dell_680m_-_80.'OCedition'_revised_00.zip Increased software overclocking limits & optimized for no throttling. Read the included 'Read me' file before flashing. Instructions: I recommend flashing under DOS using nvflash . Donation link in case you want to buy me a beer Thanks and cheers! More to come. Testers: Thanks @eliteone (Dell 660m), @littleone562 (Dell 680m) For all mods: Use at your own risk.
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    Hi guys, first of all I want to thank prema and svl7 for P377SM-A bios, GTX 870M bios and guide to flash the bios thanks to deadsmiley and klem as well by giving me the clue to keep tweaking my machine so today I got this one This is the best I can pull out of my 870M SLI with both CPU+GPU OC I suspect there is a little fluctuation in clocks as it seems like to exceed the 330Watt power limit however, it is how it is. and of course it's obvious, the 192bit bus + considerably lower bandwidth (compared to 880M) were the main cause why it is barely 16K on graphic score, although the gpu clock was high enough
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    The eagle has landed. My 2570p is in the house and the first impression is that i effin love it. Earlier this week i had lenovo x220 in my hands and it didnt leave such strong impression. Its plastic seemed somehow cheep compared to Elitebook. Super awesome. Now i just need to wait for damn exp gdc to arrive. Edit: how is win8 and dsdt owerride, same process? Since this machine has w8 key embedded into bios i'm thinking of finally trying that...
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    The instructions to take an existing BIOS backup by unlocking the flash descriptor and using Intel FPT.exe/FPT64.exe are at http://forum.techinferno.com/hp-business-class-notebooks/2537-12-5-hp-elitebook-2570p-owners-lounge-12.html#post65904 . Suggest do that, then flash F.50, do testing and advise if any of the great features are disabled (CPU upgradability, WIFI whitelisting). If not keep it. If anything is disabled then flash back to your original BIOS using FPT.exe/FPT64.exe
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    Woohoo! svl7 rocks! Got it all sorted out.
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    If anyone is wondering - @entzoe was a very reliable buyer; honest and easily reachable. Our transactions went very smoothly and I would definitely recommend purchasing from him as opposed to the external sites for two reasons: 1) save on shipping costs, 2) item itself it marked down. Therefore, you'll be able use the EXP GDC for much less than purchasing from China (or wherever they actually come from). @angerthosenear - will M.2 provide much performance gain over Thunderbolt 2.0 implementations? From my understanding, the port is a x4 PCIe with a 6 Gbit/s bandwidth - but I'm not sure about the bandwidth as that might only be referring to the SATA... I'm guessing that one could use the M.2 to plug directly into the motherboard, which would be pretty sweet. (I don't know enough about this tech) What does the M.2 really mean for eGPUs though???
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    AWWWWWWWW YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE My latest desktop motherboard has a M.2 slot~~~~~~ (the PCIe based version ) Tempted to get it, but I'd really only use it for one test, I don't have a need for it anymore. Still great news though! Hopefully more and more M.2 PCIe based laptops get released so you eGPU folk can enjoy that performance gain!
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