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    NOTE: The TH05 recall notice. As a result refer to this solution that can be implemented today: [URL]http://forum.techinferno.com/diy-e-gpu-projects/4570-%5Bguide%5D-2012-13-rmbp-gtx660-sonnet-echo-express-se-%40-10gbps.html#post63754[/URL] (recommended for 15" rMBP/MBP due to iGPU issues) or eGPU GTX660Ti OC 3DMark 2011: 2431p 7110 p 16755 p 24702p 3DMark 2006: 15289p 17979 p like 15900? This might work for BIOS boot aswell but I don't know how to launch an MBR partition. (Update:
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    Pictures of the mod: I made an airduct mod with some aluminium tape, you can also see the four ram heatsink on the Gpu heatsink Other view Same here with cpu and 3 ram heatsink Other view Inside of the modded backplate, you can see the thickness of aluminium tape that will be in contact with gpu/cpu heatsink Close up in the cpu side Close up in the Gpu side modded Backplate installed
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    ok so after playing around with the vbios patcher and messing with some 2d overclocks i managed to patch a very stable vbios on my 7970m. the settings are core 3d 1000 memory 3d 1500 voltage 3d 1075 core 2d 350 memory 2d 250 voltage 2d 850 no flicker what so ever, and because i never take this laptop off my coolermaster sf-19 i don't mind the higher clocks/temps @ 24/7 idle 47ºC / load 71ºC very happy with the overclock now, thanks again svl7
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    My first suggestion would be to see if the fan intake and fan outlet is blocked by dust of any kind. If it is, it will prevent the cooling system from keeping the GPU temps under control. Also, it may not be a bad idea to take the bottom panel off and blow a can of compressed air into the fan itself to blow out the dust. Not the whole can obviously, but just a little to clean it out.
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    You should listen to @Xonar. It's hardware-bound. Just because something's hidden in the bios it doesn't mean that it actually works.
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    Welcome to T|I Xonar. Talented individuals are always welcome here. That's funny. Crazy stuff like that doesn't happen at T|I. You must be thinking of NBR where every time they get a phone call from Dell; posts and threads magically start to disappear. Throttling, what throttling? My favorite is when a mod arrives and proclaims that quite a few posts needed to be cleaned up. aka. Deleted. Over here at T|I if you buy a laptop and it turns out to be a piece of shit, don't be afraid to come to the forums and tell it like it is. Honesty is appreciated over here. It is definitely not a reason to be banned. I also got fed up with other sites stealing my work and distributing it as if it was their own. That's why the ThrottleStop beta editions expire and the link takes users directly to Tech|Inferno.
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