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    Quick let me get the linching mob!!! I know Michael is in Brazil, a white guy like him will be easy to spot right there and I know Brian lives in modesto, which is in throwing distance of my Scooter. Can someone Bring the torches please? I got the pitchforks covered!!!!
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    Hi! As someone already mentioned seems like there isn't that much love here for the little man, M11x. Since I just received M11x-R3 as a replacement for my old cursed R1, I thought I can give some short info about the differences and similarities between the two releases. (Even if its what, 9 months after its original release.) Comparing to the old M11x-R1, this one has: - significantly better screen - Klipsch audio (the on-board speakers sound fantastic), - nicer matte exterior - gigabit lan instead of 100mbit - USB 3.0 - lacks VGA port - faster CPU - better battery life - most importantly faster GPU; it's now nVidia GT540M instead of GT335M Specs. Intel Core i7 2637m 1.7GHz (2.8GHz Turboboost) nVidia GT540M 2GB GPU 8GB RAM 1333 MHz 750GB HD 7200RPM Looks. New matte surface looks really nice and does not have old gloss. Screen. Significant improvement from R1 in terms of both viewing angles and color reproduction (even though R1 I had had kind of blueish tone; but we're assuming here an average M11x does not own a professional screen calibrator) and I didn't manage to do much better using a Windows Calibrator. Its a bit brighter too. The brightness levels match when R3 is set to about 75% of its max brightness. It's difficult to give a good impression of the screen quality through photos but I'll give it a shot. Here we see, from left to right: M17x-R2 RGB LED, Thinkpad X200T Samsung PVA SuperBright screen, M11x-R1 screen, M11x-R3 screen: This is how far screen can be pushed on each laptop and how the picture looks like then: The two things about the screen that I don't like is that it is still glossy and that black colors are poor (like on any "standard" screen). Performance. Stock Settings. GPU clock: 672 MHz, Memory 900 MHz, Shader 1344 MHz. 3DMark06: ~8500 3dMark11: 984 Fan is roughly the same level as on R1, it has a deeper hair-dryer tone when its working and I didn't find it distracting (it's a bit less loud then M17x). (Updated data will come during next couple of days; lost the screenshots when I restored the hard drive.) EDIT: I tried overclocking the CPU in BIOS, but for some reason it won't let me change the settings. Any ideas? Also, which software do you guys use for overclocking the nvidia cards? EDIT2 (04/03/2012): Overclocked. GPU clock: 815 MHz, Memory 1050 MHz, Shader: 1631 MHz. 3DMark11: 1169 (about 19% increase) Crysis 2: DX11, high resolution textures, all settings maxxed out on Ultra, around 15-20FPS outdoors with action going on. (no screenshot provided) Battlefield 3: Ultra settings with Shadows on High (see screenshot for settings; close to maxxing it out), getting around 25-40FPS outdoors with lots of action going on. Tested single player only however. Overall temperatures look pretty good. With this overclock (if I try going higher, the card automatically downclocks on stock), I am getting around 70-75 C max on full (100%) GPU load and no artifacts whatsoever. With stock setting its only few degrees less. Also, this is with CPU on stock settings, haven't played around with CPU overclocking, which is possible using the standard Alienware BIOS so no modding required. I'll try to get some more games on this computer just to see what we can expect. So far, it definitely looks like a beast with a nice overclock potential without requiring anything special -- I simply used MSI Afterburner and worked like a charm. EDIT 3: Added the screenshot of the M11x-R3 screen information if anyone is interested in the exact model.
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    AMD just released the latest version of their Catalyst application profiles, or short "CAP", version 12.3. Direct download link AMD CAP 12.3 Source
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    Well guys, we have some rather surprising and exciting news. T|I has been sold to AF Equipment LLC who will take over operations immediately. Their primary business is manufacturing equipment for fire fighters and other fire suppression equipment so they plan to use the domain in that capacity. As such, this site will be overhauled by the new owners in the near future. Thanks to all our loyal crew and sorry for the short notice. We finalized the agreement very recently and once we have more news tomorrow, we'll send out a final announcement to everyone. Take care. Sent from my GT-N7000 using Tapatalk
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    lol http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TSHZY_JCV0U i laughed for hours with these jokes lol
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    I thought the U3011 had a DisplayPort input? Am I mistaken?
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    How do you guys stop the forum thumbnailing everything so radically? Sometimes aggravating.
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