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    Pagefiles are needed for 32bit game executables with poor memory management. The developers have 2 options when it comes to 32bit games: 1: Fit everything into 2GB and manage it properly, using time and effort (or 3Gb if the user has the /3gb environment variable, but thats not reliable) 2: IDGAF it and code poorly, lazily, and quickly and rely on the page file for memory overflow. I bet you can fucking guess what they choose? So if you have a 64bit machine with 9999999gb memory, that game exe can only use 2gb. So the devs throw all their extra crap into the pagefile. If you have your pagefile switched off and the devs do this you will get the "close programs memory too low" error, which is actually bullshit if you check out your task manager. Its windows responding to one program hitting its pitiful 2gb limit. If it is a 64bit app, you wont have this problem with your pagefile switched off. So, the best solution if you have more than 8gb ram, is to have a 4gb ramdisk with a 4gb pagefile on it, set size. Then your 32 bit apps will be more than happy. Also, use the /3gb switch on startup for a bit of extra legroom. -Ash
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    The Dell Online Store: Build Your System
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    Here's what I configured for an X7200 WITH a 90% gamut display at XoticPC:
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    The way I installed the audio driver was: Installed M17xR3 6970m driver. Updated to the current amd driver. Now that the graphics are set I removed the audio driver. Remember tick on "Delete the driver software for this device". After that I used the device manager to update the driver from the dell package here: C:\dell\drivers\R291070\Packages\Drivers\WDM\HDMI\W764a (the post editor doesn't show this space, which shouldn't be there -.- : "HDMI\ W764a") Then restarted the pc and it worked. Thats the same way I had to do with the 5870. For some reason it didn't want to install correctly through installer.
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