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    NBR Copy and paste = i7 920XM (ES) wPrime 32M @ 4.002MHz: 6.275 sec wPrime 1024M @ 4002.3 MHz: 192.72 sec For some reason two cores remained at low temps, and the other two went as high as 44*C. Maybe I'll mess with it later. Cant get the mobile chips as cold as desktop chips because the cold bug real easy. At Idle, throttle stop would read as low as -20*C, though I'm sure the chips temps were even lower. Maybe the pot wasn't sitting quite right. But it's made for a desktop mobo, so I couldn't bolt it down. I think thats the end of the line for that chip unless I can get some more voltage @MW, Sorry to hear your sistem is KIA, At least your getting the 18x, I may upgrade, depends on what the costs are and what I can get for my 17x. Doubtful though lol, though I'd love to bench the 18x, only if it's as OC friendly as the 17x R2.
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    Ok I'm sure you're all aware of me whining about my CPU temps because even with the TDP set at 70W, if I ran Wprime 1.55 1024MB for over 3 mins, my CPU temps would skyrocket to the 95-97C range. Well I got fed up with it so I gave the CPU retention mod another try AND I bent the heatsink a bit using the sheer force of my superman hands. BUT here's where the difference starts: For the CPU retention mod, you can't simply guess and apply 2-3 turns like the GPU mod and think you're set. It's a tricky game of varying the tension between the 4 screws so to gauge which ones needed tightening and which loosening, I put the metal cover back on, connected the xfire cable, kb and control cover and fired up the system with the TDP at 82W and let WPrime 1.55 1024MB fly. With throttlestop giving me real time temperature measurements, I alternated between tightening and loosening the 4 screws until I found the sweet spot. It's very delicate because if one of the screws is overtightened, the CPU temperature goes from say 84C to 97C in 2 seconds! Once I determined the optimal settings, I closed up the system and ran WPrime just now and here's my absolute max temps: Note that this CPU retention mod requires removing the c-clips and positioning up top in the same manner the GPU mod works (diagram below). I used the tool on the right to remove the c-clips on the CPU heatsink: Pictorial of how the retention mod should look: Temperature measurements with retention mod @ 62W: Temperature measurements with retention mod @ 82W:
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    If you temporarily use the washers and never even have your heatsink off it's even harder to tell you've been tinkering. The washeer mod was incredibly quick and easy. I'll edit this post later with the dimensions of the washer I used. Remember it is cardboard insulating washers those you find insulating motherboards on metal chassis's.
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    Yeah, Avenger does look huge, but for people that mostly stay home with it and do not plan to take it to work and such it's an awesome option. Taking it everyday to work - no no. Moving it from room to room - sure
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    I'm definately going to have to try this, and maybe tommorrow. I bought another heatsink a while back, since the one I was using wouldn't sit quite right due to bending and messing with it, but I think I may take that one out and install it, just to see what I can do with this mod. If you've ever seen Mazdas posts and benchmarks at NBR, he always says no additional cooling, which is possible if his heatsink is on real tight. I'm just not sure how he got so lucky. But I'm going to have to remove the c-clips and see. I need more pressure! May test it with my much less capable 920XM.
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    Still waiting for MX-4, once I have it on my hands you know what the next step will be
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    Fazia what's up man how are you doing? I do agree im a noob and i rather just upgrade to high quality paste im still learning to how to just paste and do simple laptop tear downs awesome article joker.
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