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  1. It's now available, check it out: Miscellaneous Tutorials | Tech|Inferno
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  2. Rumors (supposedly from a Dell's Engineer) about the M18X say: We've had no problem with a CrossFire of HD6970M, as a matter of fact, we also tested the M18x with a SLI of 460M, and a CrossFire of HD5870M. The perfect product doesn't exist, so we have to make choices about configurations. Basically, if we put a high-end config of video cards, we won't be able to peer them with an extreme CPU because of the TDP. With 2 HD6970M in XF, we successfully tested the CPUs from 2630 to 2820; however, any higher CPU leads to too much TDP; it sucks 10 watts more minimum... So all in all, either we go with an higher power supply, with all the tweakings that need to be done to get a stable product, either we just discard the extreme CPU version. A lot of feedback shows people are looking to get an RGB display. We actually consider the human eye cannot make a distinction between RGB and WhiteLED, and also, the cost of the RGB would be too high. Therefore, we are not looking at offering the RGB flavor on the M18X. We cannot go with OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diplay) neither because the price is *WAY* too high; we got in touch with Samsung but there's too many obstacles right now with this solution. The technology is just not ready yet for such a big OLED display; an OLED 18.4 display would cost as much as an M17X alone... We could also go with IPS, however, power consumption would be too high again; 300 to 350 watts with an 2920 and a XF of HD6970M would not fit the market. Starting price should be around 1999$ and 2499$, basically, ±500$ more than the M17X-R3. The M18X should hit the streets on or around april 20th. Stay tuned ! Actually, just realized all this is old news; sorry about that !!! translated by me from here.
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  3. Another interesting result: winrar -> tools -> benchmark (leave it for 1min) take a screenshot
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  4. Now go to CCC and turn off tessellation
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