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  1. Hello fellow Aliens, Since our ships emit different noises; Since this is NOT why we bought them; Since Dell's Engineers did not care about them; Since some of us are SEVERELY affected by those; Since at least 2 of these horrible noises can be shut-off; I created this thread hoping it will help people getting the HELL outta their DELL Most likely, you all know by now the four (yes, that is 4) different noises that come out of our ships,as they have already been described, but as a quick recap, we have: CPU Whine: Easily audible whenever one core is heavily sollicited, tend to be less audible if more cores are sollicited, or if the fans kick-in like crazy; this sound seems to be inherent to Intel's I-core's CPUs, not much can be done here I guess... Actually, you may get rid of the CPU WHINE by downloading and merging this file to your registry, and by applying the tweaks found here. Note that the specific setting which makes the CPU WHINE much more acceptable is this one: Minimum processor state = 0% GPU Coil: Easily audible whenever the GPU is sollicited, for instance if you quickly scroll up&down a web page, or if you stay idle on a web page that has a lot of flash animations; this sound seems to be inherent to GPUs, not much can be done here I guess... Transistor Off: Easily audible from the left side vent area when you plug the A/C adapter to your machine, without powering it on; this sound seems to come from a faulty transistor, capacitor, which seems to be unable to properly deal with the power (current) that is fed into it, so it kinda suffers from this and therefore emits a noise like an high-pitch EEEEEEE, constant. This sound shall stop about 10 seconds after you disconnect the A/C adapter, or as soon as you power on your system. Transistor On: Easily audible from the right side vent area when the computer is running; this sound seems to come from another/the same incompetent transistor/capacitor, which seems like the previous one to NOT be able to deal with the power that is injected in it, or so... This jerked transistor will then emit a constant but intersected, cut across high pitch noise, more or less like Morse Code, going like EEEEEEE-EEE--EEEEEEEEEE--EEE--EEE-EEEEEE-EEEEEEEEE-EE-etc... In my humble opinion, this last one is the most annoying of the four described above, as this one is giving me headaches if I work for, say more than four hours in a row on my M17X... Well, since it seems we can't count on Dell to first, aknowledge the problem, and, needless to say, to fix it, well, here's the cool part: a French guy found a way to solve it, it's not a manufacturer's solution, mind you, still it works, so let me entertain you here...What you wanna do is the following: 1. Right-click on the Sound icon of your taskbar; 2. Click on Recording Device; 3. Double-click ANY Mic in the list (Mic or Mic In or Microphone Array); 4. Click on the Level tab; 5. Slide the volume down to zero, click on the speaker on the right to mute the sound (red circle appears); 6. Click on the Listen tab; 7. Check the Listen to this device box; 8. Click Apply, then OK... 9. Believe it or not: YOU ARE NOW THE MOST HAPPY CAMPER OF THE WHOLE ALIENWARE UNIVERSE !!! Enjoy ! eYe
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