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  1. HP has released their newest Envy revision with SB and 3D support. Their starting price is pretty decent at $1649.99 and that includes the AMD 6850m graphics chip, 3D display and glasses as part of the starting package. Their competition includes the Alienware M17x-R3 that costs $1799 for the starting 3D bundle and Asus G73SW-3DE that costs $1999. If you break it down: Asus: nVidia 460M support for 3D and removable graphics card (though not MXM 3.0b compliant) Cooling that should be better than HP but not as good as Alienware Asus keyboard can be switched out for a colord lighting one at added cost from a custom reseller (not Amazon) Alienware M17x-R3: Soft touch rubber + magnesium construction Dell at home warranty service for 1 year Alien fx lighting MXM 3.0b compliant video card that can be swapped out HDMI Input Wireless HDMI (coming soon) Best cooling of the 3 notebooks Switchable graphics for long battery life Option for AMD 6970M graphics card which offers 50-100% performance increase vs GTX 460M found in Asus G73SW and HP Envy 17 3D but no 3D support. HP Envy 3D: Lower starting price than either of the other 2 Metal chasis which gives it a higher quality feel Thinner profile than AW or Asus Macbook Pro like design which a lot of people like Even with upgrades, its cheaper than Alienware The 6850M is integrated and not a separate MXM 3.0b compliant card.
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  2. i used the NZXT Cryo LX on my R2 and i was very happy with it. It's built extremely well, hot a 4 way USB hub plus it's vents were perfectly aligned with the R2's vents locations.
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  3. I went with the basic 2630QM, 8GB of RAM, 6970M, 320GB HDD, and the 6300 WIFI. The rep offered me the whole deal including a free Razer Orochi mice for a nice round 2K$ before taxes. I think i got a decent discount. I actually configured the system with 4GB of memory initially, and i think the rep made a mistake and ordered 8GB I plan on upgrading to a 2920xm when the prices become sane plus i am ordering a SSD to in right away. Any recommendations ?
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  4. i would consider myself a huge fanboi, everything i buy, i try to custom it to make it look like an alienware product, hahaha
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