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  1. Alienware Windows Customizations - All are tested and work on Windows 7 platform - 64bit PC Related - Wallpapers, login screens, Avatars, etc. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Alienware Wallpapers Alienware Wallpapers Alienware Avatars Alienware Avatars Alienware Login Backgrounds Login backgrounds Custom Login background changer by svl7 Login Background Changer Alienware Karet Font AlienKaret pack Alienware Screensavers Alienware Protector Screensaver Screensaver 2 Alienware Sounds Alienware Startup - Shutdown sounds Alienware Dreamscenes/Movies - Br33d Br33d Dreamscene Br33d movie Alienware Icon packs ***Use at your own risk*** These are good looking and installed fine, however my system slowed some after installing and I had to install the Alienware Theme from dell and restore windows look to Windows default. The Alienware theme is listed below from Dell's site. Alienware Icon pack Blue Alienware Icon pack Green Alienware Icon pack Red Alienware Windows 7 theme Alienware Windows 7 Theme by Dell Restore Alienware branding to your System Information screen How to restore Alianware branding to your system in formation screen by Michael Custom Alienware Stickers Custom AW stickers - PM ILoveBoobs Ultimate Windows Tweaker Ultimate Windows Tweaker - Found by ILoveBoobs PCFx - AlienFX lighting PCFx - AlienFX lighting by Ixel ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Feel free to PM me if I need to modify these or you have some to add!
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  2. Heres a video that my co-workers at my part time job made. I enjoyed it
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  3. I found this while reading the Guru3D forums: RadeonPro BETA: Automating 3D settings - Guru3D.com Forums It's got a ton of nice features that almost everyone will find useful and it's very complimentary to the CCC. Pictures speak a thousand words so take a look: For those with multigpu setups, the force vsync + triple buffering option is a gold mine since it will allow you to setup the game profile inside radeon pro and then it'll automatically detect whenever you launch a particular game and enable triple buffering. This remedies the wavy line issue without much increase in input lag or performance loss. Furthermore, you can force AA profiles in games that don't support AA.
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