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    Version 1.0.0


    Files contained in this archive: 'Error 104' Fix - v01.zip Lenovo Y500 - Y400 - BIOS [v2.02] - stock .zip Lenovo_Y500-Y400_-_Mod_[v2.04] (including update for 2.02 & 2.03 users).zip Lenovo-y500-y400-bios-[v2.02]-stock-.zip Y500 -Y400 - SLI 650m - - OC.rom.zip Y500 - Y400 - SLI 750m - 80.07.9D.00.11 - OC.zip For instructions on how to use these files, see this thread: Donation Link: Here's the 'buy me a beer' link in case you like this <<


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    Version 1.0.0


    Files contained in this archive: ms_gx740.zip MSI 16F1 Unlocked.zip MSI 1762 Unlocked.zip MSI GT60 Unlocked.zip MSI GT70 Unlocked.zip MSI GT683 Unlocked.zip MSI GT783 Unlocked.zip MSI MS-16F2 Unlocked.zip MSI MS-1761 Unlocked.zip SecondGenAMDAPU.zip Should I Flash These BIOS? See thread link below to learn which notebooks these bios files should be used with. Who this does NOT apply to: - If you are afraid to brick your notebook, this is NOT for you. There is always a possibility for errors and accidents to occur. - If you do not understand what any or most of these acronyms mean, this is NOT for you. You will probably find little use for the unlocked features and the potential for risk is much greater than the reward. Who this applies to: - If you have an understanding of most of this thread and are willing to learn, continue reading. - If you are an enthusiast who loves modding and overclocking and have experience with this field, continue reading. Features: So what are these features that MSI had locked out? A short list would include:* - XMP RAM support (Up to 2133Mhz) [Warning: 4 DIMMs at 1866Mhz(+) may not be stable, 2 DIMMs are stable at 2133Mhz]. - BCLK Overclocking (Up to 5%, your mileage may vary, no guarantees). - TPL limits unlocked (With the combination of ThrottleStop, CPU throttling can be overcome). To learn more about how to use the files in this archive, please visit the thread below:


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    Hi, In this thread you can post your requests for AMD-V unlock on ACER E5-553G and same laptops with AMD CPU's, for example Acer Aspire E15, Acer Aspire E5-523G, Acer Aspire E1-522, Acer Aspire E1-420, Acer Aspire E5-421, etc. Now we can unlock AMD-V function for virtualization support. In general, this method described in the article on this link: http://www.geektech.co.nz/how-to-unlock-...enovo-y700 This way requires Windows as a system because some tool works only in Windows. Download this tool: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B4NHIBM...RtQXM/viewExtract the archive H2OUVE.rar directly on the Desktop and copy the H2OUVE folder directly on the disk C:\ Then run the Command prompt as Administrator and execute these commands: cd \ cd H2OUVE H2OUVE.exe -gv vars.txt After each command press the Enter button. After that, you'll have the file "vars.txt" in H2OUVE folder.Post here this file "vars.txt" or upload it to any fileserver and send me the link. For reference, here's the EFI-table with available settings for this notebook: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B4NHIB...WI4LW14bE0 And here's the setting that needs to be changed: 0x1C40B Setting: SVM support, Variable: 0xEE {05 91 54 02 55 02 54 00 34 12 EE 00 00 10 00 01 00} 0x1C41C Option: Disabled, Value: 0x0 (default) {09 07 27 00 10 00 00} 0x1C423 Option: Enabled, Value: 0x1 {09 07 28 00 00 00 01}
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    Well that didn't take long for NVIDIA to respond to Navi. The new 436.02 Game Ready Driver adds the following features: Game Ready Provides increased performance and the optimal gaming experience for Apex Legends, Battlefield V, Forza Horizon 4, Strange Brigade, and World War Z Gaming Technology Adds Beta support for GPU Integer Scaling Adds Beta support for Ultra-Low Latency Mode Adds support for new Freestyle Sharpen Filter Adds support for new G-SYNC compatible monitors Driver release notes: https://us.download.nvidia.com/Windows/436.02/436.02-win10-win8-win7-release-notes.pdf This isn't the old max pre-rendered frames setting, its supposedly a new improved algorithm that matches AMDs anti-lag feature for Navi. Next up is support for integer scaling which Intel recently announced but it seems NVIDIA beat everyone to the punch. Unfortunately, this is only for Turing for now: Additionally NVIDIA has created a new filter for FreeStyle simply called "Sharpen" which improves performance and visual clarity that is supposed to be on par with RSI but with much broader support and granular adjustment. According to Eurogamer, "They also point out that the amount of sharpening can be adjusted from 0 to 100 per cent, applied on a per-game basis and works with games across all major graphics APIs: DX9, DX11, DX12 and Vulkan". Finally, the driver brings with it some game performance improvement, including very popular titles like Apex Legends which sees up to 23% boost at 1080p: Overall a pretty solid release, it had some issues earlier when it was released with GeForce Experience being force installed but it should be remedied by now.
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    Try inspecting the board (traces, pins, connector etc.). There must be some kind of damage to the board.
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    I think you maybe read an obsolete post? My exam has been completed since June. I'm now as free as a bird!
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    Yes it is either your laptops specific battery because I have a 45w CPU running fine on battery, but with degraded performance, this leads me to my second point : Or either, it is because you try to run the CPU at full speed when on battery, because not any laptop of this grade of CPU even in 2019 will run at full speed (as if it is plugged in) without having sudden shutdown issues.
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    Hi everybody! I'm working on a new adapter now! Now it's Plug-n-play and won't need a modified BIOS.
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    Yes, you are right, I just forgot to make one additional modification. I sent you a new file in PM. Just flash it and post screenshot in Nvidia Inspector utility (full window with overclocking sliders).
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    Ok. Your unlocked vBIOS done. Check your PM.
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    Hi! You can get unlocked K3000M vBIOS in this thread:
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    Hi! Post here your original stock vBIOS from your 970m 3GB. You can prepare it with GPU-Z utility or NVFlash utility.
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    Hi! Ok. Check PM.
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    Hi! Each file bios backup contain personal computer data like: Serial numbers for some hardware, UUID, Service TAG, NVRAM settings, MAC addresses, Windows key, e.t.c. So, you can't use file backup bios from one computer to the other of identical model. Computer will work, but not correctly.
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    Hi everyone, I am new and hope to speed up my alienware mx17 R4 and burn the last wick on this old candle. Thanks guys.
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    Version 2.0



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    Version 1.0.0


    Files contained in this archive: Fptw64_(8_series).zip Lenovo_Y510p-Y410p_[v1.07][v1.09][v1.10]_BiosFixer.zip Lenovo_Y510p-Y410p_[v3.05]_modified.zip Y510p-Y410p_[v2.04][v2.07]_BiosFixer_(Whitelist only).zip Y510p-Y410p_v207_[stock].zip For information on how to use the files in this archive, see here: My donation link in case you want to buy me a beer


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    Some guide how to use SPI Programmer CH341a:Step 1.If you already get your modified bios then go to Step 2.Step 2.Purchase the necessary equipment.To flash bios mod in to your bios chip you need a CH341A programmer and a SOIC8 SOP8 test clip. (You can found them on ebay, it cost a total of $20 USD for both items.)Step 3.The drivers and software for the hardware you can purchased were located on the seller's ad page on ebay.) This step should usually be completed BEFORE plugging the programmer to your computer. Installing them before plugging the programmer into your computer will help avoid potential driver trouble with Windows. (If you have some trouble with drivers installing, then just disable "Driver Signature Enforcement" as the drivers were not digitally signed). After installation, reboot your computer.Step 4.Connect the clip to the programmer and then plug in the programmer into your computer. Run the included software.Step 5.Now you should try to search the bios chip on your motherboard. Usually you need 8-pin chip with first two digits 25, like this: Winbond 25Q32FVSVQ, 25Q32FV, 25Q64FV, 25L3273E, MX25L6473E or the same.Step 6.This step will be based entirely on the software that came with your programmer. Enter in the exact chip information or, if the software you're using has an auto-detect option, you can use this, but I would recommend double checking.Step 7.Read the chip. Read the current programming on the chip and then read chip again. Then make some comparisons between them with any Hex editor. Make sure that it looks exactly the same. Remember, they should be the exactly identical, so they should still look exactly identical.Step 8.Load the modified bios file and write it to the chip.After loading the modified file, the tools use only required click an "Auto" button. This then took around a minute or two to write everything to the bios chip. If the program freezes, or appears to be doing nothing, don't touch anything for the next 10 minutes as you don't want to mess anything up if it is doing something.Step 9.Done. Remove the clips and see if your laptop boots. Another guide: Open your laptop and find your bios chip and search for it. Usually you need 8-pin chip with first two digits 25, like this: Winbond 25Q32FVSVQ, 25Q32FV, 25Q64FV, 25L3273E, MX25L6473E or the same Connect the ch341a and clip to your windows machine and laptop Open ch341a programmer 1.13/ CH341A.exe click “chip search” if it find your chip then next step, else rechip the chip/ Open ch341a programmer 1.26/ CH341AFree.exe choose your bios type/size. Click Read After done click Save (original_1.bin) Repeat step5 and save as original_2.bin Open HxD “Crtl+k” compare original_1.bin and original_2.bin if they are same go to next step otherwise repeat 5) Then post it in the relevant topic or upload it to any fileserver and post the link in the relevant topic. When you get your modified bios, then time to write bios to the chip Open ch341a programmer 1.26/ CH341AFree.exe choose your bios type/size Click Erase it will erase your chip . You must do it before flash After bios chip will be erased , then click Open, choice your modified bios Click Write and wait 100% Now the mod is done, remove the clip and power on the laptop, it will beep 5 x2 time , it will gone once you go to bios setting and restart. Another guide: https://www.win-raid.com/t796f16-Guide-Using-CH-A-based-programmer-to-flash-SPI-EEPROM.html Also, you can search on YouTube a lot of guide for CH341a. CH341A programmer: https://www.ebay.com/itm/USB-Programmer-CH341A-Series-Burner-Chip-24-EEPROM-BIOS-Writer-25-SPI-Flash-AU/153117073868?epid=577511738&hash=item23a67d21cc:g:XKEAAOSw5UdbW-iL https://www.amazon.com/Parts-tower-CH341A-Programmer-Software/dp/B01FVVHCVC/ref=sr_1_4?ie=UTF8&qid=1522179315&sr=8-4&keywords=ch341a&dpID=51BO7eGgO5L&preST=_SY300_QL70_&dpSrc=srch SOIC8/SOP8 test clip: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Soic8-Sop8-Flash-Chip-Ic-Test-Clips-Socket-Adpter-Bios-24-25-93-Programmer/201414947737?hash=item2ee5443399:g:up8AAOSw1Fda8qkt https://www.amazon.ca/MAUSAN-Socket-Adapter-150MIL-205MIL/dp/B06ZYSNJF3/ref=pd_sbs_21_3?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1&refRID=XM79QJWGED6B4K2VEZDJ
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    Just like last time with my 1050 Ti setup, I wanted something that was powerful, but as hassle-free as possible: no weird scripts, hacks, EFI tweaks, metal-bending, etc. (Bootcamp and external displays only were an acceptable compromise to achieve this.) Fortunately, everything went as smoothly as it could have with this upgrade. You can find the full writeup on my blog: http://archagon.net/blog/2018/07/25/egpu-redux/ The Gigabyte GeForce GTX 1080 Mini ITX happens to (almost) be the ideal form factor for the Thunder2. Length-wise, the fit is perfect, but it's a bit too tall for the default case. I might end up 3D printing a new top case at some point in the future. In the meantime, I'm running with the top off. The Gigabyte Aorus GTX 1080 Gaming Box might have been a better purchase if I had a different model of Macbook (since it's the same hardware at a similar size plus TB3, USB ports, and internal power), but apparently the TB3 to TB2 adapter doesn't work if you're using an Nvidia eGPU and your dGPU is also an Nvidia. Connecting the PSU required a tiny bit of cable-assembling in the form of a 4-pin ATX to 5.5x2.5mm barrel plug adapter. I also needed a 6-pin to 8-pin PCIe adapter since my PSU was a bit too old to have one natively. In the future, I hope to replace my current PSU with something like the Silverstone Flex SUG 300W PSU, since it's significantly smaller than either the Dell DA-2 or Mean Well adapters, as well as potentially modular. After hooking up the PSU and switching to the lower TB2 port on the Thunder2, everything started working exactly as it did with the 1050 Ti. The PSU can be turned on ahead of time. It sometimes takes a few tries to hear the chime and see the boot menu on startup, but once you launch into Windows, the behavior is completely native, with no additional scripts or hacks involved. Software-wise, I didn't have to do anything new: the Nvidia drivers installed automatically when I booted for the first time and went into Device Manager. (They were already present from my 1050 build.) Benchmarks are great: 2.5–3.0x as fast as the 1050 Ti and 20% slower than internal (as per the TB2 toll). I can play VR games and Far Cry 4 on Ultra without any issues. GTX 1080 GTX 1050 Ti SC Improvement 3DMark Fire Strike Graphics Score 17109 6993 2.45× Graphics FPS 1 81.86 32.28 2.54× Graphics FPS 2 68.17 28.74 2.37× 3DMark Time Spy Graphics Score 6343 2040 3.10× Graphics FPS 1 41.61 13.67 3.04× Graphics FPS 2 36.17 11.43 3.16× 3DMark Sky Dive Graphics Score 55760 22564 2.47× Graphics FPS 1 233.78 102.25 2.29× Graphics FPS 2 279.52 103.83 2.69× 3DMark11 Free Graphics Score 21363 8802 2.43× Graphics FPS 1 104.98 42.83 2.45× Graphics FPS 2 116.34 42.18 2.76× Graphics FPS 3 131.99 54.32 2.43× Graphics FPS 4 57.58 25.13 2.29× I think I lucked out with this particular model of Macbook, since I hear that computers with TB3 or AMD dGPUs have a lot more trouble with this kind of setup. So be careful: if you don't have this exact Macbook, you might have to deal with a lot more headaches!
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    please link or upload an 3gb version can't find old links, love this vbios for lower ram version but can't find old file
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