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eGPU Indigo Renderer beauty

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Waiting since last year since as many others AMD or Apple users was searching for a good OpenCL rendering solution. With Octane going on CUDA "translation" next year the list of available OpenCL renderer is pretty short.

So exciting to know it's open the public beta of Indigo Renderer 4.0, after VRayRT and Luxrender (first one really expensive, second one not available for Cinema4D) the third pure GPU OpenCL renderer on the market. Is possible to benchmark on test scenes and test on own projects.

As a beta it's not for production (for the pure GPU part, CPU and hybrid CPU+GPU part is working perfectly as always), but it's exciting to test for the pure speed and beauty of the result.

Here a couple of test scene rendered on mine old Radeon HD7950Boost in eGPU mode, both at 600 samples per pixel, the first one in 3min, the second in 7min, the first one goes from 0.26 Mil pix/sec on CPU to 2.5 Mil pix/sec on eGPU, about x10 speed increase!

And my old laptop CPU it's quiet at 0%, that's the beauty of eGPU!

Oscar Johansson - McLaren_P1_Benchmark.jpg

Arthur Liebnau - bedroom-benchmark-2016 600spp.jpg

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Yep, I prefer open standard that runs on any hardware. I tested also multi-GPU rendering about three months ago. The R9 Nano renders perfectly Oscar Johansson’s example scene with default settings:


MBP11,5 & Netstor NA211TB

Indigo Renderer v4.0.39

macOS Sierra version 10.12 Beta

Samples per pixel target: 346.81


1min 15s. It’s 55 seconds faster than a R9 M370X. If Indigo developers added the Metal API, their app would blow away competitors.




By the way, script v0.9.8 doesn’t support neither R9 Nano nor RX 480.

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