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M15x shuts down while gaming

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Hey guys,


I've had a problem recently where my laptop shuts down (no BSOD, just power cuts off as if the power button was held) while playing games. I'm fairly certain its not a heat issue as I've had it shut down when temperatures were no higher than 70C across the board. I've replaced the CPU, ram and HDD, so I'm certain its not those components. Does anybody have any insight, or ideas as to how I could test whether it's an issue with the GPU or the Motherboard, or perhaps something else?


The computers specs are:

Alienware m15x

i7 920xm

GTX 660m

8gb ram



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I have the same problem as you do. Temperatures are also not too high. I am still repasting the CPU and the GPU at the moment to be sure that it's not heat related.

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I had this problem as well, however, I used a Dell 6990m. Even though the temps were roughly the same as the Clevo 6990m in my M17x R2, the M15x shutdown was in the same way as with the OP.


Setup was with a 940xm, 240W power brick and 16gb Ram.

Last week I changed the Dell 6990m out for a 970m, and haven't had the issue since.


Even though it is a bit older topic, perhaps this info can help someone.

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