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GTX 660m/ Error Code 7/ Driver Crash

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Some people are able to successfully overclock the GTX 660m to 1200mhz GPU Clock and 2500mhz Mem Clock but I keep experiencing driver crashes.




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It happened to me with 680m's with high OC. Should there be a modded driver or the OC is just too much?

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Sorry for the late reply!  I recently been told the 660m on the G75vw can't be OC'd beyond the initial 135+ core oc in inspector or after burner, because of bios locks & driver locks.


About a year or more ago you could bypass the Bios locks through changing states in Inspector, upwards of 1260mhz gpu oc... But it seems Nvidia has locked that out now, the driver will crash.


I am not sure about the other models, mainly the Lenovo Y580 with the 660m, as I haven't heard back from the guy that did it years ago.  




Try getting in touch with (removed by admin - external website advertisement against TOS) he may be able to help you personally, as well as him creating numerous guides on going with the modded bios if you're inclined to do so...  I'm not ready to cash this laptop as I do not have a replacement.


I am currently going for an eGPU setup, recently learned the G75vw model is plug-n-play compatible with the mini pci-e connection, but does not have thunderbolt, unfortunately..  


To know if your G75VW has thunderbolt or not, check your motherboard version, 1.0 or 2.0, 2.0 seems to have the thunderbolt 2.0, while 1.0 does not.  


I have v.1.0 and was extremely upset about it.   Or it's 1.0 that shipped with thunderbolt and 2.0 didn't, hilariously enough I can't remember or find the article I was reading it in.  It was some type of snafu though, some of the G75's shipped with TB 2.0 and some didn't.


But anyway, you can bing that.

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hello BezerKr1,


Even if I unlock the BIOS, I will not be able to make the OC in my 660m?(ive a asus g75vw ). I dont have money for buy i new pc, i really need to do a good OC for play decently the new games(DarkSouls III).

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