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Ever Wanted Better Functionality From MSI AB 2d/3d Profiles?

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Well here ya go. This program helps MSI Afterburner's poorly implemented 2D/3D profile blacklist system by taking away the tediousness of constantly adding all your programs to the blacklist and adding the hooks to allow the 3D profile to activate. It also adds other features to rid yourself of bad dev programming by allowing you to:


-hide mouse cursor, show mouse cursor, or hide after inactivity

-allowing smart overclocking of the cpu if xtu doesn't work for you by controlling processing power through windows

-toggling snap to and mouse trails per app (because some programs cause issues with it on like 3Dvision, NVCP, some MMORPG games

-launch with cmdline parameters

-and toggling screensaver per app


I've only tested this with Windows 7. And I've only tested it on an admin account. Please let me know how it fairs on other Windows OS's and on a Standard Windows Account so I can make sure all the bugs (if any) are out. Please refer to the readme for more details. Questions answered in the readme won't be answered again. So if question gets ignored, you know what to do.


Enhancer 1.02:

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