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SONY SVS1511 Series unlocked BIOS with advance menus - Test Over

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Hey guys, I've moded SONY VAIO SVS151190X BIOS based on svl7's oc BIOS(835/1000), for test reason I only changed the Boot section to unlock hidden menus.:)
Then,you should know that I've not found out how to get into crysis mode if you get a brick.It is at your own risk.
If lucky, there should be a series of options such as Fast Boot, UEFI PXE Boot, Quick Boot, Quiet Boot, ACPI Selection, Boot Delay Time, etc.

Now if someone wants to test it, reply me. And wish you post screenshots.

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I try to do this on my own laptop cause of no one reply me,huh:frantics:

Fortunately,it works!

No more tester wanted.Thx.



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Sometimes Laptop Models are a little obscure thus people just don't know if they have them ^^


Can you post your bios here and maybe share some infos as Bios mods are always very risky and if someone does get further with (any model) it is always nice to get some info's



Id say just share it for the heck of it maybe someone needs it or can derive from your mods

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