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Who is using Echo Express II

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Good afternoon everyone,


Wondering who might be using this enclosure, as I would really like to pickup this as a solution.  In the process of completing my Akitio inside a Silverstone SG05/SFX 300W enclosure, but really wish i could have that second PCI slot for a USB/SATA card.  So Question is, Who is running this enclosure successfully with 2 cards?  I did see 1 post of someone using it, but wondering if anyone else is too.  I guess being that there are a few using the III-D this one should work for me, and i should be able to do what i want.  My concern is the whole will it have problems with detection of gpu and or the usb/sata card bc of the way the 2 slots work as far as communication?


Ultimately, the setup would be as follows:

Sonnet Echo Express II

GPU: If it fits I would go with either the Gigabyte 970 ITX, or the R9 Nano

PSU: Dell 220W / Xbox 360 203W

SATA Drive: 2 TB 2.5" for storage

USB: 4 Ports from the PCI Card for Keyboard, Mouse, Headphones


I might sell my current setup, and purchase the Express II if this looks like a workable solution.  

New and unused:

Akitio Thunder 2 Retro'ed into:

Silverstone SG05 Lite

Silverstone SFX 300W PSU

2TB 2.5" USB Drive(3.0)

4 Port J5create USB 3.0 Hub

WiFi Dongle attached via USB


Thank you.



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    • By Charly
      Hi guys,
      I´m planning to buy Mac Mini to have a second setup with my 970 Zotac + Akitio Thunder 2.
      I would like an i7 Mac Mini but prices are still high so I´m going to an i5 processor, so I´m trying to decide between to models 2012 i5 2,5 Ghz Thunderbolt 1 or 2014 i5 1,4 Ghz.
      In one hand the 2012 model is the most upgradable Mac Mini being possible to use 16 GB RAM but it´s Thunderbolt version is 1 on the other hand the 2014 model is not RAM upgradeable but it´s Thunderbolt is version 2.
      What do you thing? Go to 2012 or 2014? Does anybody can help me? Any benchmarks?
      Thank you so much!
    • By El_Febio
      Hi guys,
      I'm new to this forum, Mac world and also to eGPU world! So I decided the better thing to do is to put my hands right into the mud..
      I purchased an used, original Akitio, a Palit GTX970 JetStream and a cheap Micro ATX PSU (Vultech GS500M) - My pc is a mid 2014 MacBook Retina with Windows 10 and Sierra (I5 2.6 GHz, 8Gb RAM, Intel Iris 5100, 256Gb SSD).
      First thing first, I prepared the PSU to power all the things.
      The datasheet says it is a 500w, with two 12v rails, 29A total (348w). I cut all the connectors, isolated the other lines I won't use (3.3, 5v, 5vsb and -12v), shorted the power on with a negative. Then I had six 12v positives, and all the commons. I gathered 4 wires and solder them to the positive of the two PCI 6 pin cables, same I did for the negatives, except two.
      I used the remaining wires (2 positives and 2 negatives) to make the barrel connection for the akitio.
      Tested without anything plugged, it works (fan spinning)
      Then I build a plexiglass enclosure to contain everything, i kept the layout of the original metal case, so the position of the board is the same; next to the video card, on the opposite wall I planned to install the psu, with the air intake obvously facing the outside, and the air output in the rear. In the front I installed a 120mm fan, plugged into the fan port of the Akitio board.
      I partially assembled all the parts, leaving the top and the right side (opposite to the board, to be clear), and power on.
      Surprisingly, nothing blew up... I managed to make the card recognized by Windows, installed the drivers, AND make some gaming - benchmark test to test the setup.
      I made a short session of Farming Simulator 2015 and suddenly nothing wrong .. BUT .. after some minutes the PSU started to buzz. The more the card required power (by doing some "complex" tasks), the more PSU buzzed. I also tested with Unigine Valley, in ultra setup. Everything worked, I made two benchmarks, I reached 85°C on the GPU and 96° (WOW..) on the CPU..
      And now.. my concerns..
      - is the PSU buzzing just because is sh*tty? Or I made some terrible mistake by wiring, soldering and so? I took a look inside it and TBH.. even if I don't know electronics so deep to reverse engineering I noticed that 12v wires come ALL from the same pad on the pcb.. so I guess it's not a problem to put them together. If the power table is correct .. I should get nearly 350 w from the 12v line .. during the benchs I logged the power consumption with HWINFO, and the 970 drew about 120w on its peak .. if summed with the Akitio I get less then 200w .. far more behind the limit..
      - the temperatures .. ok 85° in full load would not scare me if the GTX was inside my good old desktop gaming rig .. but here I think the game is different, is there any risk to "cook" the Akitio Board? The space between the card and the board is really low (I'm not using a riser), I'm thinking about improving the ventilation by drilling many holes in the wall very next to the board, and maybe installing a more efficient fan connected directly to the 12v. Would it be ok?
      - the riser .. TBH I don't really know if I need the riser or not. By now the card is plugged directly into the Akitio Board, powered by the buzzing PSU, that also power the board. Everything works even if the mentioned troubles above.
      Any kind of suggestion is accepted, last things to say, I'm quite able to solder and etcetera. I own also a Dell DA2, but I preferred to make an "everything integrated" solution and last but not least .. JetStream GTX970 on review peaked quite 200w itself. I need more power, I guess.
      Ok I'm risking to be lynched .. but just to know .. I decided to mod directly the PSU by following a guide taken on the web .. stupid or not it's not my invention
      I attach a pic of the connection I made, of the PSU board and the power table

      Here are some pics of my setup .. on idle and with low gpu load it's running fine, no buzz BUT no load .. tested again Unigine and here are the results (AGAIN the psu is buzzing).
      Respect to the post I modified the case by drilling holes behind the Akitio Board, drilling the psu case, and most important, I dressed the power wires of the akitio board with a silicone-fiberglass sheath to protect it from the heat produced by the gpu.
      Again, thanks.. any hint would be appreciated.

    • By dwinnbrown
      So I have an early 2015 13 macbook pro pro with retina display and am looking to get an EGPU setup to improve gaming performance in bootcamp as well as improving render times when editing in Premiere Pro CC. I am on a tight budget and had planned to get the Akitio Thunder2 but it is quite tricky to get hold of now in the UK and I have found a used Sonnet Echo Express enclosure that I am close to buying. Does anyone know if it would work on a thunderbolt 2 machine or if that is asking for more issues? I plan to get a 950ti or something (half length) to put in the enclosure...anything to be aware of or would I follow one of the many tutorials on the forum for drivers etc?
      Any help is much appreciated,
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