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[HARDWARE MOD] Backlit Keyboard Mod WS2812B (Addressable RGB LED) on P650RE6-G

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Has anyone has tried replacing or adding addressable LEDs (WS2812B) to keyboards of the P650RE6-G or similar line of laptops?

Do you think you could use the built-in connections and backlit keyboard fn key?


Basically, I know some Clevo models support RGB backlit keyboards, mine only has the White LED option.

I want to know if this is something people have approached already or if I'd be treading in new territory.

If there are any ideas, tips/pointers you would suggest, please let me know.

These LEDs are amazing to work with.

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Thanks Prema, I saw that, but that does not seem to be nearly the same.  They appear to be using tape/film to filter the color to another color.  I'm discussing a mod that allows you to have interactive LEDs with software defined color and brightness.  

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The keyboard physically only has white LEDs...no firmware can change that unless you change the hardware.

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