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Quadro k4000m base on what ?

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As we all know Quadro's are based on GTX with different vbios (or maybe im wrong ?)

I was looking around which GTX may be the base for the quadro k4000m , but im not 100% sure which one .

Possible candidates :


-same bus width(256bit)

-same amount of memory (4gb)

-same amount of pipe lines (960)

-similar memory speed (my k4000m easily achieves that memory speed)


-different code name (N13E-GSR)



-similar code name (N14E-GS)

-same amount of pipe lines (960)


-diferent amount of memory (3gb)

-diferent tpd


Or maybe k4000m is same as k5000m but castraded by Vbios (hopefully) which would mean that k4000m=k5000m=gtx680m/gtx775m ?

Why i want to know ?

I'm thinking about making gtx of my quadro (mainly im playing games , some times autocad)

And maybe trying to unlock it by flashing k5000m bios to check if it can be unlocked.

I'm aware that i can possibly brick my gpu by doing this but im able to desolder vbios chip from card and flash it on programator

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I think you need to change the PCI ID, reflashing the BIOS is not enough.  This is set by resistors on the board, moving them around and swapping them out can change the PCI ID.  There was a thread about it on the EEV blog, I think.  Might be worth looking at.  I don't think they looked at any laptop GPUs, though, so you may need to do some work to find the correct resistors to swap. 

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Thread in question is here: http://www.eevblog.com/forum/chat/hacking-nvidia-cards-into-their-professional-counterparts/


One more important thing to note: even if the GPU dies are "the same", they could well be binned based on performance/defects.  So even though this sort of a mod might look good on paper, whether it works on any particular card could be a crapshoot, especially if you want to try this and then try overclocking it. 

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K4000m is basically just 675mx. At least k4000m and 675mx have more or less the same performance in benchmarks on same clock's.

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