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Possible LCD Firmware corrupted due to NVIDIA & EVGA Precision X? Help!

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I cant get my Laptop Display to Work again must be doing something wrong i try to figure out for Weeks.


My externel Display Works gamming for hours no problem too.


So who of you would like to buy a bargain? Im selling it. Ist a x7200 with a xeon x5679.


Tahanks to all for trying to Help to fix the Display isue.



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I'm Windows 10 and EVGA Precision X  "evil magic" victim aswell. let me tell ya' my story. I downloaded EVGA Precision X and overclocked GPU a bit too much and it crashed. Green artifcats came on screen, nothing worked so i force shut down pc. After reboot i couldn't see anything because of pernament black screen (even in BIOS), my only friend was external monitor. Later i removed LCD many times display cable from panel ( N173HGE-L11 ) and re-installed nVidia drivers. After many attempts i managed to get life back into this panel, but only in Windows with gfx divers enabled. In regedit it's possible to see that the panel is using its own IDs but also external monitor's IDs, so i think it's not working without those. Yesterday i found this thread and i tested edid-rw, no luck. i also tried windows-based edid dumper called "dumpEDID", for this time it shows two monitors with same id, one is external one and other is build-in panel. It's impossible to re-falash eeprom in Linux, because of lack of responding addresses so i don't know which to flash. Any ideas, guys?


Any help would be welcome,


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I'm on alienware m17xr4, same story, EVGA precision x bricked my screen. My problem is that even after connecting an external screen the pc won't boot. Is there anything that I can do without the need of buying a new screen? 

Thanks for all answers. 

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hi i am having same problem but with a amd 290x card no laptop screen only tv screen is there a fix

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