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Cooling solutions for my computer case?

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Just thought I'd check in here to see if I could get any ideas to cool down my comp that has only 2 fan slots (1 x 80mm and 1x 140mm). The 80mm supports an 80mm radiator for the cpu. I currently have an 80mm that runs stock at 3000 rpm and the other 140mm at 1000-1500 rpm. I'd have to repost here to get my specific case model if it can be of any help.

Thanks again!


- Clleavage

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It's hard to suggest anything without knowing the specific case type and fan types.

Here are the ways you can improve cooling:

1. Improve the tech that cools (faster fans, larger fans, better and larger [copper] piping/heatsinks)

2. Improve the total number of fans (get a different case or mod your case for a new fan hole)

3. Opt for water cooling instead of air cooling

Your motherboard likely has additional fan ports too, if you choose to DIY it. Fans are cheap. I think fan cooling depends on voltages, what they are designed to handle, and what your motherboard can safely output (which of course affects your PSU capabilities since you don't want to overdo it)

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If you're really looking for shaving off an extra degree of two without changing your setup, you can look into lapping your. I noticed a couple degree difference when I tried it on my FX8150.

I would probably look into water cooling however though because it's kinda extreme and takes a few hours.

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