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Replacing graphics card for MS-1761 laptop - need help

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Hey there,

I have purchased a Force 1761 (MS-1761) laptop from xoticpc.com in 2011, but now the video card need replacement.


i7-2630QM, GTX 570M, 8GB RAM

The person in the repair shop said they can't replace the GPU however I started reading and while I found some people having problems with upgrading (especially with 770,780M cards) I have also read good things about 870M.


"Yes, the GTX900M Series runs without any problems in the MS-1761 Barebone. This Series works in all MSI Barebones." (source: http://forum.techinferno.com/msi/10710-gt780dx-upgrade-gtx-9xxm.html)

Can you confirm that this is the case? If yes, would 870 and 970 both work?

Or is there other or better options?

Thanks a lot for any help


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GTX 970M works very well in this Barebone,GTX 870M don`t work.

All Keplercards on GK104 Chip like GTX 680M/GTX780M/GTX870M/GTX880M and all Quadro on this Chip are not working.

Only GTX 765M and GTX 770M on Kepler GK106 are working in this Barebone,GTX 765M needs modified Driver.

The best Power for your Money you get with GTX 970M

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That sounds good Bloetschkopf.

Does the vid card need to be Clevo or is there any sort of restrictions which 970M should I buy?

After a brief search I have found this: Nvidia GeForce GTX 970M 6GB DDR5 for Clevo MSI Alienware M18x M17x r4 in stock | eBay

I also saw that people were opting for the GT72 MXM Upgrade Kit. Is this a better choice?

Also would I need to do anything about the cooling or the drivers?

Thanks a lot for helping me :)

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The Card must be from Clevo or MSI,i think Dell Cards are not staring.

If you can flash the Vbios before you install the Card you can also use Dell.

For the Clevo Card you must modify the Driver INF,it is very easy.

No Problem with cooling in this Barebone.

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Hey SBI85 im in the same situation. MSI gt780 with ms-1761, i7 2670qm with the dying gtx570m. Have you had luck with the upgrade to a 970?

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      Thanks in advance for any assistance you can offer me!
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