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MSI GT72 - GTX 970M 3GB Unlocked BIOS needed

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I have 970M 3GB version and I am looking for unlocked BIOS

I tried flashing N16E-GT_3GB_84. version that i found on this forum, however nothing changed after flash

Can someone help?

I attached the screen-shot that shows that nothing changed after flashing

Thanks in advance!!!


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    • By hangman33
      Hi, guys! I've been browsing the forums a lot lately and as of now, I've yet to find Vbios for the 3gb and 4gb versions of the 970m and the 980m respectively. I'm not sure if no one has ever come around to unlocking them or I just haven't looked hard enough. In any case, if someone here actually knows where to find them, please do tell as I'm completely sure that it would help a lot of people (myself included).
    • By !!!!!
      I have just purchased this laptop and want to overclock the graphics card but haven't found any vbios made for this version of 970m mxm model which is on msi gt72-406. This is an earlier version of the laptop and does not have the 970m with 6gb VRAM.
      I want to overclock this card so I can maybe get it to the stock version of 980m or higher, so that I can get better fps in latest games
      i have not done this before and will be my first time
      if I need to donate to have this done I will do so
      also I will be able to upload the stock vbios here later today when I get back home
      here it is GM204.zip
    • By elpinto83
      Hi to everyone,
      It seems that the BIOS of my alienware has been broken . How can I do the bios recovery?? Thanks in advance!!
    • By ooun
      I have a question about that is there any possibility to boot the system from UEFI?
      Cuz my laptop can't find the operating system if I format my HDD into GPT type....
      Thanks a lot =P
    • By svl7
      This is a modified version of BIOS A10, with all the hidden menus made available.
      The archive with the BIOS and the necessary files to flash it are attached to the post.
      After flashing, go to the BIOS menu and load the default settings, save, exit and reboot.
      As always with such modifications, you alone are responsible for your system and what you do with it.
      If you flash it, please report back and let me know whether everything is ok. (I'm sure it is, but I don't have an M17x R3 myself to test it )
      The menus look exactly the same as all the previous "unlocked" R3 BIOS versions.
      Tested and confirmed to work, thanks @Staff Sargent !!
      Please consider a donation if you like this modified BIOS.
      UPDATE: Had to correct some things, this works fine.
      Keep in mind that A10 is no longer officially available on Dells support site, I don't know the reason for this, they might have to fix some things.
      Update 2: BIOS is available again on Dell's site, nothing changed between the version which was on there earlier and now... lol.
      M17x R3 - [unlocked] BIOS A10.zip
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