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SSD preventing laptop to turn on?

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So... I have an SSD which I'd been using for about 3 years now, but due to its small size I switched over to my higher-capacity HDD and started using a 14GB RAMdisk. Over the years I frequently switched the SSD back and forth between my laptops for various reasons, to the point where the plastic pieces (protectors?) that are attached to the pins have fallen off (see spoiler if you don't know what I mean). This wasn't a major concern for me since I could still plug it in and get it working, but worth mentioning.


When I decided to switch back to my SSD, my laptop wouldn't turn on. If I remove the SSD, it will turn on; also if I power on my laptop with no HDD attached, then hotplug the SSD, the laptop immediately (+/- 1-2s) shuts off. HDD still works fine using the same SATA HDD slot.

~Although I doubt it matters, here are my specs:

Model: HP 15-r210dx Notebook

CPU: 5200U


RAM: 16 GB

SSD in question: Kingston HyperX 90GB

Anyone have ANY idea WTF is going on?


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The friction during the SSD connection might be shorting some pins, thus triggering the "circuit breaker". You shouldn't keep pushing your luck, as it might fail and burn the circuitry.

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I had the same problem on our server ( I know, its not a lappy) and the problem was in the connector itself. Like GTMoraes says, those connector are really far from perfect and the pins get screwed pretty easily.

Try to clean both parts - SSD and the connector in MB and you miht be ok.

Also try to grab an USB to SATA cable/caddy and test it if it works or not without any probs ( use some SMART tool to verify SSD condition)

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Btw. I know its not your case, but previous generation SSDs were doin the same problems.

In my scenario OCZ Vertex 3 was used and it was giving me a lot of BSODs and system startup freezes as well.

There might be a slight chance that you have something wrong with the Firmware etc. Try to look after a newer one from the Kingston support pages.

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