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Asus G75vw

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MXM is great, mine has upgradable cpu and gpu... It's a shame ASUS didn't make more cards for this model.  


Mine has a GTX 660m, you can swap it with the 670m but it's not an upgrade.  The GTX 880m will fit the socket but I'm not sure it will fit the case and the screw mounts won't line up as well as the 660m heat sink not properly fitting.  However, you may be able to rig it in there with electrical tape but I'm not even sure it will run do to voltages, I can't find any documentation on it and am looking myself.  I'm tempted to order it since many of the ebay vendors have a return policy and documenting it myself.  


But if you could do it first that would be great! lol


On the overclocking side my 660m is said to be overclocked to 1200mhz gpu (from 850mhz) clock and 2500mhz memory clock, but I am experiencing driver and, I assume, voltage crashes.  I had Battlefield 4 and other games working on this overclock with a 30-40fps boost from the overclock but the driver crashes or the game freezes,  I haven't experienced anything catastrophic, these are ordinary crashes, not system crashes.  Furmark doesn't crash however and my temps stayed under 70'c with fresh thermal paste.


There is said to be modded bios but I am unsuccessful in retrieving them and I've read you can not modify the voltage anyway..  I get 1.1v overclocked without modded bios and most of the guy's I've seen said you need 1.5v...


GTX 660m


GTX 880m



Would be a hell of an upgrade too.


I'm inexperienced in the area, any guidance would be appreciated.


I'm not seeing much info on eGPU's and the G75vw, would appreciate more info on that as well.

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any updates, have you attempted this endeavor?
I assume all you would have to do is, since the mounting holes for the h/s are narrower on the new card, is perhaps add washers to get proper pressure... but what about the rest of the chip sets? 
Pretty sure you would havet o do a custom heat sink which looks like way too much work. 3 ounces of thermal paste and a metal block ? lol

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Heya all, I am actually working on doing this exact upgrade. I have been able to modify the case to accommodate the 880 but I am having problems getting the machine to  boot with it inserted. Over at the ROG forums, there were a few doing a 760M upgrade but that was with Dreamonic's immense experience. He has since moved on so we are without that resource. Does anyone know of a member here who may be able to help with the vBIOS flash?

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