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Quadro k3100m on Clevo P750ZM

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Hello everybody!!

Some times ago i bought a Clevo barebone P750ZM and Quadro k3100m on ebay.

Laptop work fine except screen. Internal screen doesn't work at all. I wrote mail to seller, but they say me that i must update my vbios.

May some of you can send me vBios?

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Prema, thanks a lot! I not try you vbios yet (as i have not 5 posts).

But may be it's help to someone - when i bought the laptop and installed my GPU and turned on laptop, i saw just a black screen and as my P751zm don't support GPU on CPU i haven't another choice. For solve this problem you must just to plug in external LCD via HDMI or DisplayPort and after that update vbios.

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Hello I have a similar kind of experiment with my MSI-GT702pc (Preinstalled with 870m) I bought a k3100M and just replaced it, but all I could see is the black screen after the quadro driver update restart. Even the latest Vbios from MSi couldn't make it work

I didn't have a second screen so the resorted with reinstalling OS I went back to Windows 7 from 10 and installed with all the drivers now its perfect, except the flashy Steel series engine. I will try EC firmware upgrade or downgrade. Lets see how its works.

How about you? Is it working now.

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Use this vBIOS for a working internal screen on ZM units!

Hi Prema, I was hoping you would be able to help me too. Would you happen to have a vBIOS for the k5100m (I have a P770ZM)? I saw this one by LightningPL http://forum.techinferno.com/clevo/7348-nvidia-quadro-k5100m-clevo-vbios.html, but don't know if it will work on a P770ZM.

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    • By AllanGeorgia
      Hi guys,
      Hope someone is able to help me. I bought a Dell Quadro K3100m card (the only mxm card I could find in my area). The card itself works (I was able to bypass post lockup by bridging the bios pins on the card) but the vrom on the card is not compatible with the card itself. I tried using other bios versions but they don't seem compatible. Does anyone have a stock rom for vbios version 80.04.FE.00.09? (Apologies if I posted in the wrong place - new to the forums).
      Your help would be greatly appreciated!!
    • By Suraj Subedi
      I purchased a new HP Quadro K3100m from Ebay. 
      The HP 8770w laptop I had is running with quadcore 3rd gen i7 processor and AMD Firepro M4000 graphics; with dual boot windows 10 and windows 7.
      I also bought a new heat sink, and thermal paste (Coolermaster) and thermal pads (GC Extreme) to use with the K3100.
      With the card installed, the laptop screen was blank but display was supported through the DP port, i checked it.
      Used Nvflash (dos version) to create a backup of the existing vbios. 
      Then, flashed a dell vbios for k3100m with nvflash dos version,  (using command:- nvflash -6 name.rom) and restarted. The display was only present in the laptop screen nos (not in DP port anymore); logged into windows 10, then installed Nvidia driver from the nvidia site - Optimal driver for enterprise for K3100m, installed it and re-started the machine. I got multiple flickering desktops (9-12) in the laptop screen.
      I restarted with windows 7, and removed amd driver and installed nvidia driver, got similar screen upon restart.
      After that I flashed the k3100m with another HP vbios, Since then, the laptop opens but black screen both in laptop screen as well as in DP port. I have not tried the VGA cable though since I do not have it. 
      Can anybody guide me now
      1. to blind flash the original backup HP vbios to the card?
      2. a suitable vbios file to flash afterwards to make the new quadro k3100m to wok in my 8770w.
      I have attached the backup rom and two vbios rom used in my case.
    • By MickH
      I have a Dell M6600 with an Intel i7-2760QM that seemed to have a failing GPU. Everything else works fine.
      A user on a different forum posted that he was able to install a K3100m onto his M6600 with no issues.
      I purchased a K3100m on eBay. It was listed as a Dell card:
      eBay Link
      When trying to boot to my original miniSSD, the Windows 10 boot logo would show, but it wouldn't go anywhere from there. When I used a bootable USB drive with a Windows 7 installer loaded on it, it was also not progress from the boot logo. I learned that I could possibly install the Dell vBIOS on it to allow it to operate, so I used Rufus to create a bootable Windows 98 USB drive. This wasn't able to load.
      I tried booting into Ubuntu from but received a notification that there was a problem with "acpi_tb_load_namespace" I don't remember the exact message. I tried booting directly to OpenSUSE. This warned me that there is an issue with my PnP-BIOS.
      Is it possible that flashing a new vBIOS could resolve this issue, and can that even be done?
      I'm trying to begin a major CAD project, which is why I purchased the laptop in the first place. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    • By agi
      My Sager NP9752-S / Clevo P750ZM will not recognize external monitor on HDMI port (I know monitor and cable work as I can use from a different laptop).
      Additionally, cannot enter the BIOS after having replaced the original Nvidia Quadro K1100M GPU with a Quadro K5100M. If I put in the original K1100M I can access the BIOS. But when I put in the K5100M it shoots straight into Windows.
      Someone mentioned previously something about UEFI. I am running Windows 7. How do I know if I have UEFI?
      So 2 issues:
      1) Do I need to enable the HDMI port in the BIOS?
      2) Why can't I access the BIOS any more?
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