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Do any of you guys have any experiences with the fury x? As in his it performs and whether or not it is worth upgrading too.

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Well with the latest drivers the Fury X is nearly on par with a stock 980 Ti. For example if you look at this recent review done by Hexus, you can see the Fury X being within a margin of 1-5 fps away from a stock 980 Ti at a resolution like 1440p in games like GTA V but being ahead in Tomb Raider. However, what sets the 980 Ti so far apart from the Fury X is the overclocking potential, whether that's straight from the manufacturer or done to a stock 980 Ti by the customer. The Fury X can OC about 5-10% but the performance gain just isn't there and it gets pummeled by a factory overclocked 980 Ti. 


For example, 1440P:




What's worse is that you can overclock a factory overclocked GPU like the Gigabyte to insane clocks at stock voltage which is just adding insult to injury:


With no added voltage and barely any effort, we quickly had boost frequency ramped-up to 1,441MHz and memory to an effective 8,400MHz. Useful numbers and our log files reveal that the overclock resulted in the core hitting 1,554MHz during real-world gameplay.


Overclocked results:




While the Gigabyte costs a bit more than a Fury X, given the very sizable delta in performance, why go for a Fury X? That is the dilemma many gamers face and it is why the Fury X hasn't really made much inroad with consumers. Hopefully AMD's next generation Arctic Islands, which will be focusing on increasing performance/watt will have ample overclocking headroom and be able to match NVIDIA in this crucial metric. 






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