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Unfrigginbelievable! m17x horror story! also… what should do?

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ok guys, so ive been having issues with my m17xr2. the bluetooth would not read anything over 3 inches away from where the card is located (inside the palm rest) not only that but my CF 5870's would not read that they were in CF, and not to mention that the MOBO would not read the battery. FML dud unit arrived at my home.

so today the tech came over and replaced the LCD, MOBO, Bluetooth card, and brought a new battery. so as he starts to open it he noticed a lack of screws… about 7 missing screws total…. not only that but the CF cable was destroyed. as for the bluetooth IT WASNT EVEN CONNECTED! WTF alienware? how can you sell me a certified refurbished product with all of these defects. they tech was in shock and i was getting extremely pissed… now they want me to send it into a depo… what should i do? i paid 1250(with tax and shipping) for a BEAST of a computer (specs in sig) and i don't want to give it up but… i don't want a useless comp (as of now it doesn't boot) i will send it in asap but what should i do? can i get some compensation?

***UPDATE*** dell sent me an m17xr3 with some nice upgrades! plus its thinner and lighter! BETTER BATTERY LIFE FTW! i love teh r2 but the r3 is just as epic :DDDD

new specs in sig.

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sheesh I always read all the parts that techs being over to replace but I never actually imagine how much crap that is. Mobo, LCD, bluethooth??gota be frigin kiding me lol...but yea I feel bad for you, I hope you get what you want in the end. Gota play hardball when it comes to alienwares. As for sending it in, did the tech not fix everything? I would just like to remind you that you can get some premium laptops for 1300 dollars for sure so make sure you are satisfied with what you end up with for the long haul.

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