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MSI GT80: 256 Go SSD or 512 Go SSD?

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I'm going to buy a MSI GT80, but I don't know if I should go for one with a storage of 256 Go SSD or one with a storage of 512 Go SSD?

The only thing I believe I'm certain of is that 128 Go SSD is too small.

I’m not going to play any video games on this computer.

But I’m going to play chess and backgammon on it, and use powerful chess and backgammon softwares.

I'll also use interactive development environments such as MatLab and SharpDevelop.

On this computer I’m going to watch a lot of Youtube videos, as well as some series and movies.

And on Firefox I’m a massive tabs user: I always have a few hundred tabs open at the same time. So the laptop better be able to handle all of these tabs without making Firefox lag and crash too often.

So which storage do you think I should get: the 256 Go SSD or the 512 Go SSD?

And will the 512 Go SSD make my computer faster than the 256 Go SSD?

Thanks in advance for your answers.

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