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Hello everyone.

I have an M14x R1 which I bought in June 2011.

Recently I have decided to replace my HDD (Samsung 500gb) which came with the system and bought a SSD.

So I put the SSD as the first drive unit and replaced my optical drive with a HDD bay and the original HDD.

I started Windows from the HDD in the optical slot to backup my data and did not have any problems.

Then I installed a new Windows on the SSD.

My first move was to erase the old Windows partition from the HDD which ran smoothly. Then I installed my first application on the second HDD, which was Firefox.

Immediatelly I figured that there was something wrong.

The access time of the 2nd HDD was very very very slow.

Every software that I install or download, or every folder that I try to access I have to wait 1 or 2 minutes before Windows stops processing the request.

After I already have access to the folder, the problem only happens again if the software tries to write anything to that folder. For example, Firefox and its Temp data.

I have tried many things but still couldn't come with an answer.

Can anyone help me?

- Index is disabled

- Windows search is disabled

- Cache is enabled on the 2nd HDD



As my problems continued, I have tried a new approach.

I erased everything again. Both Drives.

After a clean install of Windows, I did not disable/enable anything regarding performance improvements or tweaks for my SSD.

So far, everything is running better.

I'll continue testing and report back in case there are any news.

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    • By TitanGod
      I posted this in NBR but I wanted to share the love here as well. It benefited me a lot since I don't have a need for an optical drive and my SSD is only 80 GB.
      This is the optical bay I bought... SATA Hard Drive Caddy Bay Macbook PRO 13" Unibody A1278 - eBay (item 260760330830 end time May-28-11 02:09:19 PDT)
      You do not have to buy the same optical HDD caddy but it does have to be 9.5mm in height. Anything bigger will not fit.
      Do this at your own risk. I take no responsibility for any mishaps you encounter along the way.
      Before you do this, install your SSD as you would normally, and install windows from the DVD with the optical disc drive still in the M14x. IF NOT THEN YOUR COMPUTER WILL BOOT FROM THE HARD DRIVE YOU HAVE WINDOWS OS ON REGARDLESS WHICH SATA SLOT IT IS IN.
      Step 1. Optical Bay I Purchase from eBay

      Step 2. Opening the bottom panel

      Step 3. This is the DVD optical disc bay that comes in the M14x

      Step 4. Removal of screws. (GO TO STEP 5 BEFORE REMOVING STRIP)

      Step 5. Careful removal of the SATA strip

      Step 6. Optical disc bay vs Optical HDD bay

      Step 7. How to remove the SATA strip from optical disc bay

      Step 8. The SATA strip

      Step 9. Removing the caddy from the optical disc drive

      Step 10. Attaching the strip on the optical HDD bay exaclty as it was on the optical disc bay.

      Step 11. The optical HDD bay with strip attached.

      Step 12. The gap filler provided with the optical bay. It's to fill the space between the HDD and the optical HDD bay.

      Step 13. What the gap filler looks like with the HDD in the optical HDD bay

      Step 14. Removal of black panel form optical HDD bay. * must be removed for it to fit inside the M14x *

      Step 15. Optical HDD bay with black panel removed.

      Step 16. Placement of optical HDD bay inside M14x

      Step 17. Drivers automatically installed.

      Step 18. Computer detecting secondary hard drive

      Step 19. HWinfo with the both the SSD the HDD in the info (Sata II 3Gb/s)

      I will fix it up and add any additional pictures if needed as time goes on. If you don't like the guide, please don't criticize. This is for the visual people out there who need help and want to enjoy the additional hard drive.
      If you have any questions, please feel free to ask
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