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14" Lenovo L440 + GTX670@4Gbps+c-EC2 (PE4C 2.1) + Win7/64 [Harris]

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Hello everyone!


14" Lenovo L440

internal FHD LCD 1920x1080

i3-4000M 2.4Ghz [socketted, can be upgraded to i7-quad like i7-4700MQ]


Windows 7 64-bit

eGPU Parts

BPlus PE4C-EC060A 2.1 eGPU adapter

220W Dell DA-2 AC adapter

GTX670 2GB

Setup 1.30 software


Coming soon . . .

Benchmark Results

Running at 915MHz GPU and 1502MHz VRAM with all tests ran on internal LCD and PhysX set to CPU.

3Dmk13 FS.GPU 4791

3Dmk11 GPU 7059

Configuration Details

Had to do DSDT override and use Setup 1.30 witih 56.25GB/36-bit compaction to have the card detected. On my X220 it is still plug and play from a cold boot with no DSDT/Setup 1.30 needed, that was after Lenovo tweaked the BIOS to do a dynamic TOLUD adjustment when detecting EC plugged in. Seems that this feature is absent in the L440.

I will provide some more tests with an external LCD and also comparisons with a X220 and (hopefully) a T540p.

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Hello @Harris please how did u do the DSDT overide?? i am struggling to sort that out prior to the compaction

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