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2012 Mac Mini + GTX960@10Gbps-TB1 (AKiTiO Thunder2) + Win8.1/OSX10.10 [Shez]

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Hi, everyone, just want to say thanks for every forum member.

Finally, I made it! Mac Mini 2012 + Evga GTX 960 on OS X 10.10.2 and Windows 8.1 EFI working flawless smooth, except GPU's coil whine noise on max load..

From my experience here some advices:

1. Advice for OS X, do not download latest Nvidia Web Driver. Download only the driver that specific for your OS X BUILT. Different mac can have a different OS X built version even if the OS X version number is the same. Do not download already patched web drivers for Hackintosh, it won't work. Links for web drivers for a specific built can be found here: Nvidia Web Driver updates for Yosemite - New Releases and Updates - InsanelyMac Forum

2. Windows advice for mac mini users. If you have a force loop reboot problem, try this:

1) Boot your Windows normally with monitor attached, make sure that Windows selected as default boot drive on Bootcamp config. Shut Down. Remove monitor from your mac.

2) Connect your eGPU, turn on eGPU, turn on mac. After how Windows fully load, attach your monitor to your eGPU.

+) Make sure that your Windows is installed on EFI mode, best way to do that described here: Gadget Unit | [Tutorial] Install Windows 8 on a Mac via native EFI

3. Try to avoid powered risers. They could not properly power your AKiTiO. To make sure that your AKiTiO is properly powered, go to Apple logo -> About This Mac -> System Report -> Thunderbolt, if you don't see here AKiTiO then your power riser isn't powered your AKiTiO as it should.

Some power risers could be defected from the box. And they could burn your GPU if your PSU don't have Circuit protection. For example, my Sintech Riser was defected. Use Barrel to Molex instead riser power.


My eGPU built photos with the Silverstone SG05 case:


OS X Screenshots:


3dmark results screencaps in spoiler


















more photos available on my Google Drive 

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@Shez, great implementation there. Would you mind linking a 3dmark11 performance benchmark run result in your opening post? GTX960 is pretty new so we don't have many bench results there as yet.

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Great setup. Like the idea of the DVD drive inside the eGPU case :D

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