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[HARDWARE MOD] Add mSATA port to P570WM

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Credit: Takaezo (Mod) & SFVogt (Pics):











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So it was designed to have 2 m-sata ports but for some reason it doesn't have second one mounted with some components?

Nice =)

Maybe W110ER could be upgraded also?)


I have overlooked schema for W110ER ICH. It has 6 SATA input and only one of them assembled.

As you can see on page 69 service manual for W110ER only SATA 1 is active. I am afraid that they are deep in the middle of this BGA chip so you can't access them without disassembling ICH from MB.

Prema, what do you think? Is it possible to connect to them by making a copy of existing SATA?

Possible but almost impossible :)

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