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How to extract rom/bin file from .exe format?(need to program them)

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Hi everyone

I'm new to this forum but I think I read quite a bit about this subject but I didn't get it fully.

Firstly, I want to program Alienware M15X R2 bios chip ( I can desolder it )

I tried Universal Extractor/Winrar but failed.

Any help will be greatly appreciated!

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Try 7-Zip, sometimes it works better than WinRAR, as for programming a bios chip you're likely going to need an EPROM burner, (if you want to desolder it) but there are a variety of different chips out there...

You could try to 'one-key' re-flash (aka blind recovery),

-download a recent version of bios from the manufacturer

-extract with 7Zip

-find the .fd file (rename it to the recovery filename, different for different versions of Alienwares)

-copy it to a clean FAT/FAT32 formatted USB

-plug in into the eSATA port

-then hold the END key while powering on

-it'll beep a bunch of times and restart a bunch of times

I had no luck finding the recovery filename for your bios, maybe someone else can...

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Thank you for your reply!

I have a programmer and a hotair station for desoldering .

What I'm having problem with is how to get a rom or bin file for M15x.

I know blind recovery method ( I tried it several times on M18X R1)

For this case, I couldn't have files extracted out of any version of it (ex;A03,A05,A08,A09)

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