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LENOVO Y50-70 - Throttling

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Hi ! :)

How is the easiest way to fix issue with thtrottling in Lenovo Y50-70?

I am suprised that a laptop which has 2 fans is overheating..

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    • By Klem
      In this thread you can post your requests for Lenovo Y50-70, Lenovo Y70-70, Lenovo Z50-70, Lenovo Z70-70, Lenovo G50-70, Lenovo G70-70.
      If someone want upgrade Wi-Fi card and remove whitelist, or unlock hidden additional menus and settings in bios setup menu, or unlocked vbios for overclock NVIDIA card, then you can post your request in this thread. Also, if you have a problem with fan pulsating/clicking on any modified bios then you can post your request in this thread.
      The flashing procedure include two steps:
      1.  Flash main system bios.
      2.  Flash EC firmware.
    • By Robin
      Hi All,
      i have lenovo y50-70 with latest bios v3.03
      nvidia gtx 860m intel hd graphics 4600
      but m suffering from system hang/freeze due to graphics
      it happens only when system is used for normal purpose like browsing listen songs n watching movies
      it doesn't freeze for hour while gaming 
      it is bcz of gpu getting undervolted 
      so i need unlocked bios so that i can manually increae voltage
      can anyone help me ?
    • By ChrisBeck
      Hi, @Prema
      First of all I'd like to thank you for all your effort in your moddings. I've been following you for a long time and your work is so appreciated. So it is that I made a donation to support your activity. It is not much, sadly, what I could offer but I hope it helps.
      On the other hand, I would like to know a few things about my new laptop (Lenovo Y50-70 & GTX 960M) and I hope you will be able to help me to understand. I've been reading a lot about the lock Nvidia put to its drivers recently. Fortunately, it seems now the problem is gone and we can oc'ing our video cards just by flashing a modded vBios. Well, what should I do? I mean, I read there's sometimes problems with the bioses and I remember I've seen something, in particular related to my laptop and Lenovo Bioses. Am I correct? Should I take anything else into consideration before applying your mod?
      Finally, I'd like to know if an OC+Underclock is feasible with this card?
      Thanks in advance, Prema.
    • By Persojet
      Hello Tech Inferno!
      I bought Y50-70 recently and just learned there is BIOS whitelisting for WWAN adapters. I have already ordered
      Intel 7260 AC to replace the horrible Realtek one. When it finally arrives I wouldn't want to be nailed to Realtek because of BIOS whitelist, does anyone know if there is "fixed" BIOS available already or how long does it normally take for someone with the knowledge to make one for all?
      Was little suprised to find wireless adapter on M.2 btw.
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