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hard drive upgrade

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I have a pair of new 750G hard drives that I'd like to put in my laptop to get some more space. What 's the best way to go about doing the C drive? Should I put in the drive and then run the recovery disc's that came with it or clone it? And, if I cloned it , would the dell encrypted recovery partitions disappear?

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Clone it! I've cloned C using EaseUS Partition Master, free version, among other tools, with all partitions intact. You can also resize partitions in the process if you want, such as if your target drive is larger than the source, or if you're like me with a 16GB Dell recovery partition that is less than half occupied in which case you can resize it down to 8GB on the target without corrupting anything; Just be sure to leave a bit of free space intact. If you use the discs Dell provided, not everything is included - just a generic copy of Windows. If you're talking about the discs you can make with AlienRespawn, they're complete but you'll still be set back to factory condition - and when I used mine (twice) it actually generated a new installation that needed to be "startup repaired" using that Windows disc they send you before I could boot it!

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