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GT 650m heat and throttle question

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Hi again all,

First, I apologise if this is somewhere already but I couldn't find it. Are any of you experts with the 650m? I fixed my bios issues with the Y500 (pain in the...) and now I'm rocking svl7's awesome bioses (thanks again! :)) and did some benching. For the 650m SLI, on stock voltages it appears I can run them stable at about 1125 | 2700. One GPU hits low-to-mid 70s (I think around 76) and the other maxes at 88.

Yes, there is that much of a discrepancy. I *think* it is the U-Bay card but I'm not positive. Edit: it IS the U-Bay GPU, see below

Anyhow, I was benching it at 1175 | 2700 with another 100mV on the cores and that hot GPU was hitting 93/94 and throttling. It never got any hotter and Unigine stuttered; at the end of the bench the performance was significantly worse. Is this normal, both the temperatures and the throttle point? I'm thinking not so much and am a bit disappointed as there is no point in me using the modified vbios for OC'ing. I have recently repasted both GPUs and CPU (since I had to replaced the mainboard...) and I don't think I did a poor job but perhaps I did on one of them?

Edit: I'm running Unigine with Prime95 and it is the U-Bay that is hot. however, now it gets nowhere near even the 88 as the main GPU is being throttled by the CPU at around 75/76 celsius. This is good to know but I am rather irritated because how am I supposed to be able to test OCs that I can use with the games that don't beat the crap out of the system? Or perhaps they will and I'm more ignorant to the subject than I think I am.

Any input would be appreciated, thanks guys :)

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